For brides-to-be who wish to look fab­u­lous on their wed­ding day, that dream can be turned into a re­al­ity with the wide range of safe aes­thetic treat­ments and cen­tres avail­able in the coun­try

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Here is a list of safe aes­thetic treat­ments and cen­tres you could re­fer to for a fab­u­lous look on your big day

The in­creas­ing pop­u­lar­ity of cos­metic surgery and aes­thetic treat­ments in to­day’s mod­ern world can be linked to re­search ty­ing the pro­ce­dures to higher self-es­teem and lifted moods. This is be­cause, when you are happy with the way you look, your con­fi­dence level will nat­u­rally sky­rocket and you will in­stantly feel like you are able to ac­com­plish any­thing. This is the way you should feel on your wed­ding day. As we sur­vey the con­stant ad­vance­ment of tech­nol­ogy in shap­ing the beauty in­dus­try, the age-old say­ing ‘you should be happy with what you have’ cer­tainly does not ap­ply here. Peo­ple will al­ways want to change their hair or eye colour, be­come slim­mer, have a brighter com­plex­ion or al­ter cer­tain fa­cial fea­tures, and that is per­fectly nat­u­ral as it is all made pos­si­ble with the lat­est tech­nol­ogy avail­able.

Aes­thetic treat­ments and non-in­va­sive sur­gi­cal pro­ce­dures are the new trend in the beauty in­dus­try as they re­quire min­i­mal re­cov­ery time, if any. How­ever, cos­metic surg­eries such as face con­tour­ing, rhino­plasty and more, still re­main pop­u­lar as they al­low in­di­vid­u­als to take con­trol of their lives and be trans­formed into their de­sired ap­pear­ance in or­der to feel amaz­ing.

Fa­cial At­trac­tion

As soon as the bride en­ters the wed­ding hall, all eyes will be on her. She needs to be con­fi­dent and com­posed, know­ing that she looks her best on one of the most im­por­tant days of her life. If you are a bride-to-be and you’re won­der­ing what you can do to achieve a glow­ing com­plex­ion just in time for your big day, then you should def­i­nitely pay a visit to The DRx Clinic in Sri Har­ta­mas. When you drop by the cen­tre, be sure to check out one of its pop­u­lar treat­ments—the award­win­ning Es­sen­tial Fa­cial Plus (EF+). “Our pa­tients ex­pe­ri­ence a brighter and smoother com­plex­ion just a few days af­ter the treat­ment. In fact, our loyal cus­tomers swear by it! This is achieved by us­ing our pro­pri­etary tech­nique and serums cou­pled with the ex­per­tise of our reg­u­larly trained ther­a­pist. All this is done to main­tain the ef­fi­cacy of the treat­ment. It is a fa­cial un­like any other,” Dr Ja­son Yip, the res­i­dent physi­cian at the cen­tre tells us with en­thu­si­asm.

For a bride who longs to ex­ude ra­di­ance on her big day, Dr Yip also rec­om­mends us­ing their award-win­ning Derma-Rx skin­care range to grad­u­ally coax the skin into be­com­ing brighter and smoother. “It usu­ally takes about two weeks to see some no­tice­able im­prove­ments,” he ex­plains. If you are look­ing for faster re­sults, try out the Car­bon Peel laser that helps the skin to be­come brighter and ra­di­ant in just two to three days. This laser is pop­u­lar among in­di­vid­u­als who want to look good for the next few weeks be­fore a party or wed­ding.

Be­sides tak­ing care of your com­plex­ion, a beau­ti­ful smile is es­sen­tial when pos­ing for all those wed­ding pho­tos. “I think that the bride’s smile on her wed­ding day would rank up as one of the most en­dear­ing mem­o­ries of the day. A de­signed smile can help achieve this. It in­cludes a long-term smile with non-

in­va­sive ve­neers,” says Dr Suresh Nair from Pris­tine Den­tal. “If time is short, an im­me­di­ate ‘Wed­ding Smile’ can be made with a cus­tom crafted, very fine and de­tailed pros­the­sis that slips over your teeth and when viewed looks nat­u­ral and beau­ti­ful. It is pain­less, non-in­va­sive and doesn’t in­volve touch­ing your teeth at all,” he con­tin­ues, say­ing that many brides-to-be have been pro­vided with these ‘in­stant’ smiles.

For in­di­vid­u­als who are not afraid to go the ex­tra mile, Won­jin Beauty Med­i­cal Group is the per­fect so­lu­tion. Although the treat­ments and pro­ce­dures are done in Korea, you may visit the con­sul­ta­tion of­fice in Plaza Da­mas, Kuala Lumpur to find out more about the treat­ment. “If the wed­ding is in a month or two and the bride feels the need for a big change (such as an eye or nose surgery), the Thread Lift­ing and Fat Graft pro­ce­dures are ap­pro­pri­ate,” sug­gests Dr Park Won­jin.

Thread Lift­ing uses harm­less thread to smoothen fa­cial lines and build skin elas­tic­ity while the Fat Graft pro­ce­dure re­quires in­jec­tion of fat into flat face ar­eas such as the fore­head, smile lines and cheek­bones to “not only present a di­men­sional ef­fect but to also cre­ate vol­ume that makes the face look smaller,” he ex­plains. How­ever, if there is no time for surgery, in­jec­tion pro­ce­dures such as bo­tox and fillers are ap­pro­pri­ate.

Body Beau­ti­ful

Have you tried a mul­ti­tude of diet plans and ex­er­cise rou­tines in or­der to get in shape for your wed­ding day, yet noth­ing has re­ally worked for you? If that is the case, you should try the Li­posonix body sculp­tur­ing treat­ment at Nara Medispa. “This is an FDA-ap­proved, non-in­va­sive treat­ment, which uses high in­ten­sity fo­cused ul­tra­sound to per­ma­nently de­stroy adi­pose tis­sue or fat. This en­ergy is fo­cused on the fat ar­eas un­der the skin that you want to tar­get. You will see re­sults in three weeks but op­ti­mum re­sults are noted in 8-12 weeks,” ex­plains Alvin Joseph, di­rec­tor of the cen­tre. Ac­cord­ing to Alvin, you can ac­tu­ally go one dress size down af­ter just one treat­ment. “With the ad­vance­ment of tech­nol­ogy, we can of­fer bet­ter treat­ments, which clients will be happy with,” he ex­plains.

Equipped with the lat­est tech­nolo­gies and fa­cil­i­ties, Bev­erly Wil­shire Med­i­cal Cen­tre is another must-visit estab­lish­ment in Di­jaya Plaza, Kuala Lumpur. The cen­tre of­fers a wide range of ser­vices in­clud­ing aes­thetic medicine, cos­metic surgery, hair trans­plants, healthy age­ing, skin­care and more. If you want to look fab­u­lous in a bikini for your beach hon­ey­moon by re­duc­ing your cellulite, you should try out the Ex­ilis treat­ment. Us­ing con­trolled heat­ing and ra­dio fre­quency, Ex­ilis re­duces un­wanted fat de­posits on the skin while tight­en­ing the sur­face. This ef­fec­tively treats body parts that are flabby or saggy by re­duc­ing cellulite on the thigh and more. It is a quick and re­lax­ing treat­ment that re­quires no down­time, al­low­ing you to carry on with your wed­ding prepa­ra­tions with ease.

Be­fore you hit the beach, don’t for­get to try out Bev­erly Wil­shire’s range of ef­fec­tive skin­care prod­ucts in­clud­ing the Sun­block Spray SPF29. This light­weight non-greasy spray con­tains mi­cro­nised ti­ta­nium diox­ide to pro­vide max­i­mum pro­tec­tion against harm­ful UVA/UVB rays that can dam­age the skin. As this nat­u­ral non-ir­ri­tat­ing for­mula comes in a spray form, it is ideal for the parts of the body which are dif­fi­cult to reach.

If you would rather slim down in the pri­vacy of your own home, Dr Joe Shige­moto’s face and body slim­ming ma­chine from Ja­pan is another good so­lu­tion. This ad­vanced ma­chine which can be used on dif­fer­ent parts of the body, utilises high fre­quency ul­tra­sonic waves to melt fat and flush it away, mak­ing it ideal for those with stub­born fat and cellulite.

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