THE pat­tern of moles on the face of the body ly­ing in Kuala Lumpur Hos­pi­tal mor­tu­ary is an un­mis­tak­able match for Kim Jong-nam. This sup­ports po­lice con­fir­ma­tion that the vic­tim of the Feb 13 klia2 at­tack is, with­out a doubt, the half-brother of North Kor

New Straits Times - - Front Page - RE­PORT BY FARRAH NAZ KARIM & ALIZA SHAH

ANEW set of ev­i­dence has sur­faced to match the body that has been ly­ing at Kuala Lumpur Hos­pi­tal morgue since Feb 15 to Kim Jong-nam.

This ev­i­dence, which emerged af­ter the po­lice yes­ter­day of­fi­cially de­clared the body as KimJong-nam’s, is uniquely traced to the es­tranged half-brother of North Korean leader Kim Jongun, who was as­sas­si­nated in klia2 on Feb 13.

This newly-estab­lished sec­ondary ev­i­dence that the au­thor­i­ties have gleaned from their ef­forts to of­fi­cially iden­tify Jong­nam is the scat­ter of 21 moles on his face.

Among the more prom­i­nent ones in­clude three moles lined near one of his eyes and one to the right of his lips.

The New Straits Times’ Spe­cial Probes Team also learnt that Jong-nam’s den­tal records showed that he had den­tures on, although not in en­tirety.

It is un­der­stood that in draw­ing this unique link, ex­clu­sively to Jong-nam, the au­thor­i­ties had, among oth­ers, estab­lished the num­ber of moles on his face, as well as their dis­tri­bu­tion pat­terns.

In the case of Jong­nam, they said, this sec­ondary iden­ti­fier would be con­sid­ered as “con­clu­sive” when matched to Jong-nam.

“For fin­ger­prints, what will be sought are ‘six match­ing points’ for a pos­i­tive match... in the case of his moles, there are plenty to match,” a source with knowl­edge of the on­go­ing iden­ti­fi­ca­tion process told the team.

It is learnt that dur­ing this “match­ing process” foren­sics ex­perts would mea­sure the dis­tri­bu­tion of the moles’ scat­ter.

The re­fer­ral sam­ple would re­quire the moles to be those lo­cated on parts of the body that are more vis­i­ble. And in Jong-nam’s case, it would be his face.

This means that if “mole A” on the sub­ject is, for in­stance, lo­cated 2mm from his left nos­tril or “mole B” as well as the rest on the face match those of the re­fer­ral sam­ple, a hit is estab­lished.

Den­tal records, mean­while, fall un­der the cat­e­gory of pri­mary iden­ti­fiers, which also in­clude fin­ger­prints and DNA sam­ples.

The Spe­cial Probes Team sourced from Ja­pan an “of­fi­cial doc­u­ment” that car­ried an undis­puted im­age of Jong-nam.

It is a book pub­lished in 2012 ti­tled My Fa­ther Kim Jong-il and

I. The au­thor, jour­nal­ist Yoji Gomi, who had made Jong-nam his “sub­ject of in­ter­est”, wrote the book af­ter sev­eral face-to-face in­ter­views as well as e-mail ex­changes with Jong-nam.

On one of the pages in the book writ­ten in Ja­panese is a pho­to­graph of Gomi and Jong-nam, taken in Bei­jing in 2011.

The cover fea­tured a mugshot of Jong-nam in tinted glasses, with many of the moles matched by the au­thor­i­ties clearly vis­i­ble.

Pyongyang has re­fused to recog­nise the body as Jong-nam and main­tains that the body was that of one of its cit­i­zens, “Kim Chol”, who was mur­dered that Feb 13 morn­ing.

They have, how­ever, not ex­plained who “Kim Chol” was, de­spite him hav­ing been trav­el­ling with a diplo­matic pass­port.

North Korea has also been in­sist­ing on be­ing given cus­tody of the body de­spite Malaysian po­lice stand­ing their ground that the body would only be re­leased to his next of kin.

The NST had, on March 3, front­paged an im­age of a tat­too on Jong-nam’s torso, which foren­sics had since estab­lished to be uniquely his.

This was based on a re­fer­ral sam­ple that was con­firmed as “Kim Jong-nam” and not “Kim Chol”.

The tat­too on Jong-nam’s stom­ach shows a man with ori­en­tal fea­tures, reel­ing in one of two Ja­panese carps.

It matched the one Jong-nam had sent to a Ja­panese re­porter, whom he had known for 10 years. Page 1 pic: Kim Jong-nam, as de­picted on the cover of the book ‘My Fa­ther Kim Jong-il and I’.

The NST front-page re­port on March 3 high­light­ing the tat­toos link­ing the vic­tim of the Feb 13

at­tack to Kim Jong-nam.

(Left) Kim Jong-nam on the cover of the book ‘My Fa­ther Kim Jong-il and I’. (Right) The tat­too on Jong­nam’s torso. These sec­ondary iden­ti­fiers al­low the au­thor­i­ties to es­tab­lish the body as Jong-nam’s.

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