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WHY Malaysia? Why us? Three in­con­ceiv­able i nci­dents i n three years have caused our na­tion to hog head­lines around the world as be­wil­dered Malaysians ask them­selves mys­ti­fy­ing ques­tions.

First, the dis­ap­pear­ance of Malaysia Air­lines Flight MH370, which was fol­lowed by the mis­sile at­tack on Flight MH17, and lately, the as­sas­si­na­tion of Kim Jong­nam, the es­tranged half-brother of North Korean leader Kim Jongun.

Malaysians don’t go look­ing for trou­ble but trou­ble, in its bizarre or sin­is­ter form, came look­ing for Malaysians.

It is es­ti­mated that be­tween 8,000 and 13,000 planes are in the air at any given time world­wide. That’s about 93,000 daily flights from 9,000 air­ports.

Of these stag­ger­ing avi­a­tion num­bers, the un­think­able hap­pened to only one flight. On March 8, 2014, MH370, with 239 peo­ple on board, flew north, made a U-turn and never re­turned.

The world has never seen any­thing like this be­fore — the van­ish­ing of a huge mod­ern jet­liner. Why Malaysia?

Of the 161 com­mer­cial planes fly­ing over east­ern Ukraine at about that time on July 17, 2014, it hap­pened to only MH17. Any of the other 160 planes could have been the vic­tim, but the heat­seek­ing Buk mis­sile, fired by cold blooded men, brought down the Boe­ing 777, killing 298 peo­ple. Why Malaysia?

And, of all the places that the as­sas­sins chose to strike, it was Kuala Lumpur in­stead of Ma­cau or Sin­ga­pore or other cities where Jong-nam was known to have also lived. Why Malaysia?

Malaysians, so used to watch­ing Korean dra­mas on TV, found them­selves caught in a mind-bog­gling Korean re­al­ity drama,

As the body of the half-brother of North Korea’s supreme leader lies in the Hos­pi­tal Kuala Lumpur mor­tu­ary, the good re­la­tion­ship be­tween Malaysia and North Korea, which be­gan in 1973, turned bad.

Ac­tivists gath­er­ing out­side the North Korean em­bassy in Kuala Lumpur re­cently. Of all places to at­tack Kim Jong-nam, why did it have to be Malaysia?

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