Stray dogs spark fear

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dogs that roam around Ban­dar Pu­tra Ku­lai and rum­mage through rub­bish bins have a res­i­dent fear­ing for his safety.

Muham­mad Amin Razak, 55, said the num­ber of dogs near his home in Jalan Nuri 27 seemed to be in­creas­ing.

“The prob­lem per­sists even af­ter the Ku­lai Mu­nic­i­pal Coun­cil sent dog catch­ers here,” he said, adding that he had seen the dog catch­ers mak­ing their rounds in the housing area.

“The stray dogs sensed the dog catch­ers and fled.

“They pose a dan­ger to pedes­tri­ans be­cause stray dogs can be un­pre­dictable.

“They may ap­pear harm­less at first, but they may turn ag­gres­sive when they feel threat­ened.”

He said the stray dogs barked at school­child­ren.

“The chil­dren were fine as they out­num­bered the dogs.

“Some of the dogs look for food in rub­bish bins out­side our homes.”

He said a dog had en­tered the com­pound of an el­derly neigh­bour.

“She is old, so she got scared. Luck­ily, her front grille was locked and the dog left when she banged the grille door with a broom.”


Stray dogs bark at peo­ple and rum­mage through rub­bish bins in the area.

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