‘DAP will call the shots on next PM if op­po­si­tion wins’

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KUALA LUMPUR: DAP will be the one which de­cides who be­comes the prime min­is­ter if Pakatan Hara­pan cap­tures Putrajaya in the next gen­eral elec­tion.

Blog­ger Raja Pe­tra Ka­marud­din said DAP would win the most num­ber of seats in the next gen­eral elec­tion with PKR win­ning the sec­ond-most num­ber of seats.

In his lat­est blog yes­ter­day, he said Parti Pribumi Ber­satu Malaysia (PPBM) would “strug­gle” to win just five seats, “even with the help of votes from the Chi­nese com­mu­nity”.

“By con­ven­tion, the party with the most num­ber of seats in Par­lia­ment gets to de­cide who be­comes the prime min­is­ter.”

He said in this case, this would be DAP, which had been fore­cast to win more than 40 par­lia­men­tary seats. This is as op­posed to PKR’s less than 30 seats and less than 10 seats each for PPBM and PAN (Parti Amanah Ne­gara).

DAP cur­rently holds the most num­ber of seats in Par­lia­ment. How­ever, it is PKR pres­i­dent Datuk Seri Dr Wan Az­izah Wan Is­mail who is the op­po­si­tion leader in Par­lia­ment.

Raja Pe­tra said Dr Wan Az­izah be­com­ing the op­po­si­tion leader was not by chance, but be­cause DAP “wants or al­lows” her to be the op­po­si­tion leader de­spite PKR hav­ing fewer seats than DAP.

He said by con­ven­tion, the op­po­si­tion leader in Par­lia­ment was the prime min­is­ter-in-wait­ing, even in the United King­dom.

“The mes­sage here is sim­ple. If Pakatan Hara­pan forms the next gov­ern­ment, Dr Wan Az­izah is go­ing to be­come the prime min­is­ter.”

Raja Pe­tra said, PPBM chair­man Tun Dr Ma­hathir Mo­hamad “was act­ing as if he was the op­po­si­tion leader”, who wanted to de­cide who was go­ing to be­come the coun­try’s next premier.

This was the rea­son be­hind Dr Ma­hathir’s an­nounce­ment in the United King­dom that PPBM pres­i­dent Tan Sri Muhyid­din Yassin was go­ing to be the prime min­is­ter if Pakatan Hara­pan won the gen­eral elec­tion, and then mak­ing a U-turn after re­al­is­ing that “he had blun­dered”.

“He (Dr Ma­hathir) then said it was too early to de­cide be­cause he knew who­ever be­came the prime min­is­ter is not for him to de­cide but DAP.

“Pol­i­tics is a game of num­bers and DAP has the num­bers. The prime min­is­ter is go­ing to be who­ever the party with the most num­ber of seats says it is go­ing to be.”

Raja Pe­tra said at the mo­ment, the per­son in Lim Kit Siang’s mind to be­come prime min­is­ter, if Pakatan Hara­pan won the next gen­eral elec­tion, was Dr Wan Az­izah.

“And with only one seat, Dr Ma­hathir has no power to de­cide who is go­ing to be the prime min­is­ter (un­less PPBM can win more than 50 seats in the next gen­eral elec­tion and be­comes the party with the most num­ber of seats).”

Raja Pe­tra said Per­matang Pauh mem­ber of par­lia­ment Dr Wan Az­izah was a “weak can­di­date”, adding that many had said she was not suit­able as the prime min­is­ter.

“If the can­di­date is strong then DAP will not be able to con­trol him or her. So, if DAP can win 40 to 45 seats or more, and PKR around 20 to 25 seats — against less than 10 seats each for PAN and PPBM — DAP will de­cide who be­comes the prime min­is­ter.”

Raja Pe­tra said Dr Ma­hathir, meanwhile, wanted Lim to back PPBM deputy pres­i­dent Datuk Seri Mukhriz Ma­hathir as prime min­is­ter.

He said PPBM must first win the sec­ond-largest num­ber of seats in Par­lia­ment and if PKR could win 25 to 30 seats, it would mean that PPBM had to aim for at least 30 to 35 seats.

“How­ever, PPBM will be hard­pressed to win even five seats in the com­ing gen­eral elec­tion. And the ques­tion would be can Mukhriz him­self win a seat un­less they move him to a safe seat where they can de­pend on DAP’s Chi­nese sup­port­ers for votes?

“If you com­pare Se­lan­gor Men­teri Be­sar Datuk Seri Azmin Ali with Dr Wan Az­izah, he is by far a stronger can­di­date. But then, if DAP backs Azmin for prime min­is­ter, this will make him even stronger and this will al­low him to kill off Dr Wan Az­izah.”

Raja Pe­tra said DAP, how­ever, did not trust Azmin as the Se­lan­gor men­teri be­sar was still flirt­ing with PAS and was Dr Ma­hathir’s proxy in PKR.

He said Azmin would sell DAP out if it suited his per­sonal agenda to work with other par­ties, in­clud­ing Umno and Pas.

Raja Pe­tra said un­til PPBM ended up win­ning 35 seats in the next gen­eral elec­tion, in­clud­ing one won by Mukhriz, Dr Ma­hathir had to act like a “fol­lower and not the leader.”

With only one cur­rent seat, PPBM was in no po­si­tion to make de­mands, he said, adding that the party’s 10,000 mem­bers was far short of Umno’s 3.5 mil­lion mem­bers, prov­ing that Dr Ma­hathir and PPBM did not have sup­port.

“To DAP, this is­sue is very sim­ple. If DAP backs Dr Wan Az­izah, Azmin is dead. If DAP backs Azmin, Dr Wan Az­izah is dead.

“So, DAP also gets to de­cide PKR’s fu­ture as well. And DAP’s fu­ture lies in PKR’s fu­ture. So, for the sake of DAP’s sur­vival, they have to de­ter­mine who is in charge of PKR.

“With Dr Wan Az­izah in charge, they get ( jailed op­po­si­tion leader Datuk Seri) An­war (Ibrahim) on their side.”

He said with Azmin in charge and An­war be­ing in jail pos­ing no threat, it was Dr Ma­hathir who would call the shots.

“It does not take a ge­nius to fig­ure out that DAP is safer with Dr Wan Az­izah than with Azmin.”

Tun Dr Ma­hathir Mo­hamad

Lim Kit Siang

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