DIY ro­bots

Ex­pand your cre­ativ­ity and imag­i­na­tion with th­ese ed­u­ca­tional gad­gets, writes Mohd Naqi­ud­din Az­i­man

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The Ar­duino robot

IF you are keen on learn­ing elec­tron­ics, me­chan­ics and pro­gram­ming, then the Ar­duino Robot suits you. At­tach the in­cluded colour LCD screen, tune to Ar­duino IDE, plug in the USB ca­ble, and you are all set to load any of the pre­set ex­am­ple pro­grams.

Price: US$274.49 (RM1,218) at mak­er­

Four-in-one diy robot

A MUCH sim­pler robot that doesn’t re­quire Ar­duino to func­tion. The robot can be as­sem­bled into four de­signs which are Di­nosaur, Robot, Drill, and In­sect. It in­vig­o­rates a child’s imag­i­na­tion and en­hances his or her cre­ativ­ity and craft­ing ability. The robot is so­lar-pow­ered, which means it has to be ex­posed to sun­light for greater per­for­mance.

Price: US$8.56 at

multi-func­tional 4Wd robot car

IT’S a ver­sa­tile robot car that comes with a kit that in­cludes an Ar­duino re­mote to con­trol the car, car chas­sis and sonar sen­sor to pre­vent crashes. This all-in-one fea­ture is be a great value for beginners of mi­cro-con­trol pro­gram­ming.

Price: US$46.58 at

zumo robot

THIS tracked robot plat­form is mainly used with Ar­duino, and with it you can make it move around, es­pe­cially on less smooth sur­faces. The robot has all the core fea­tures such as in­frared sen­sors, bull­dozer blade, mo­tors, and a buzzer, mak­ing it a well rounded robot for mo­bil­ity pur­poses.

Price: US$100 at

pocket-sized robot

THIS pocket-sized robot is handy for pick­ing up small tools. Its ro­botic arm fea­tures a full acrylic frame and four ser­vos. All you need is a screw­driver to merge it to­gether.

Price: US$49.97 at store.hack­a­

ob­sta­cle-avoid­ing robot

IF you are look­ing for an­other cost-ef­fec­tive robot, this one from odd-Wires is a good learn­ing plat­form as it pro­vides Ar­duino and mo­tor shield, as well as a lesser amount of sol­der­ing and in­ter­con­nec­tion. The robot comes with an ul­tra­sonic sen­sor that makes it an ob­sta­cle-avoid­ing au­tonomous robot.

Price: US$74.95 at odd­

stain­less steel robot

STAR Wars fans will def­i­nitely want the AiPin Star Wars — R2D2 Robot (1/20) 3D Stain­less Steel DIY As­sem­bly Model which closely re­sem­bles the iconic R2D2 Robot. Ex­pand your cre­ativ­ity by as­sem­bling this amaz­ingly de­tailed model. The model is made from a pair of com­pletely laseretched steel sheets.

Price: US$8.76 at

electric spi­der robot

THE DIY As­sem­ble In­tel­li­gent Electric Spi­der Robot Toy is an­other ed­u­ca­tional robot that does not re­quire Ar­duino to as­sem­ble. Beginners may want to try it as it is not as tech­ni­cal as other DIY ro­bots. The eight multi-joined legs ac­cu­rately repli­cate the walk­ing move­ment of a spi­der. You can just as­sem­ble it with­out glue so that’s a safety boost, es­pe­cially for kids.

Price: US$6.85 at

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