Na­jib: Pu­lau Tuba folk will con­tinue to en­joy de­vel­op­ment

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Ear­lier, Na­jib said when he heard of the plight of the fish­ing com­mu­nity in Pu­lau Tuba in Oc­to­ber 2012, he had im­me­di­ately ap­proved a spe­cial al­lo­ca­tion for the sub­ma­rine ca­ble project.

Res­i­dents of Pu­lau Tuba were ini­tially sup­plied elec­tric­ity by three gen­er­a­tor sets.

They fre­quently ex­pe­ri­enced black­outs be­cause of the un­re­li­a­bil­ity of elec­tric­ity sup­ply via such sets.

“This is in­deed a spe­cial al­lo­ca­tion as the gov­ern­ment does not have an al­lo­ca­tion for sub­ma­rine ca­bles.

“But we had to do some­thing,” said Na­jib.

Na­jib said the gov­ern­ment needed to en­sure that its poli­cies were fair and in­clu­sive.

“De­vel­op­ment should not be just for the cities and ur­ban ar­eas... It should in­clude all.

“When we de­velop, we must en­sure that ev­ery level of so­ci­ety gets to en­joy it.

“That is why the de­ci­sion (for the sub­ma­rine ca­ble al­lo­ca­tion) had to be made. If the peo­ple of Pu­lau Tuba are left be­hind, I would feel re­spon­si­ble,” he said.

Na­jib promised that the peo­ple of Pu­lau Tuba would con­tinue to en­joy de­vel­op­ment, as would those of Langkawi and Kedah.

In Novem­ber 2012, Na­jib had an­nounced the sub­ma­rine ca­ble project in Pu­lau Tuba when he vis­ited the is­land.

The project, which is con­nected to the na­tional grid, was com­pleted in 2015.

Af­ter the launch, Pu­lau Tuba res­i­dents sis­ters Che Puteh and Naizah Ali, said they were amazed that the prime min­is­ter had made the de­ci­sion to al­lo­cate such a large sum of money just for the com­mu­nity.

And, they were equally amazed yes­ter­day that even more was be­ing done for them.

Naizah, 48, said life now was so much eas­ier for the com­mu­nity.

“I was born and raised on this is­land. I have spent my en­tire life here.

“I lived here when we only had elec­tric­ity be­tween 8pm and 3am, us­ing gen­er­a­tors.

“Then we were given three gen­er­a­tors, but the sup­ply was still un­re­li­able. There were cuts very of­ten. Now all that has changed.”

Che Puteh, 50, agreed.

“Be­fore this, we couldn’t use ma­chines to wash our clothes... they were all hand­washed.

“Now, we can have what ev­ery­one else on the big is­land (Langkawi) and the main­land con­sider a ne­ces­sity,” she said, thank­ing Na­jib for the ex­tra good­ies he an­nounced yes­ter­day.

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