Amanah mem­bers up­set over use of acro­nym

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KUALA LUMPUR: De­wan Rakyat pro­ceed­ings took a hi­lar­i­ous turn yes­ter­day af­ter­noon as Parti Amanah Ne­gara law­mak­ers took of­fence at be­ing called PAN in­stead of Amanah.

Ur­ban Well­be­ing, Hous­ing and Lo­cal Gov­ern­ment Min­is­ter Tan Sri Noh Omar squared off with Khalid Abd Sa­mad (AmanahShah Alam) and Mo­hamed Ha­nipa Maidin (Amanah-Sepang), by say­ing: “Sepang,

Shah Alam kalah bertand­ing dalam Pas lari ma­suk PAN.” (Sepang and Shah Alam lost un­der the Pas ban­ner and joined PAN).

The jibe did not sit well with Ha­nipa, who called Noh ban­gang (stupid).

Ha­nipa said un­der Amanah’s con­stitu- tion, the party’s acro­nym was not PAN, but Amanah.

Both Ha­nipa and Khalid con­tin­ued to heckle Noh (BN-Tan­jung Karang) over the er­ror, say­ing that the acro­nym was Amanah, prompt­ing Noh to say: “I will say what­ever I want.

“There is noth­ing in the law that states if I say PAN, it is an of­fence. PAN is PAN!

“It is my right to call Parti Amanah Ne­gara PAN!” he ex­claimed as both Amanah par­lia­men­tar­i­ans urged him to read the word Amanah, which was dis­played clearly.

The ver­bal ex­change was pep­pered with po­lit­i­cal jibes, with Noh say­ing that the two were not amanah (trust­wor­thy) by run­ning from Pas, with

Khalid re­tort­ing that they left Pas to con­tinue the good fight, while Ha­nipa said many had also left Umno to join Parti Pribumi Ber­satu Malaysia (PPBM).

De­wan Rakyat Deputy Speaker Datuk Is­mail Mo­hamed Said, who had been watch­ing the ex­changes, struck the sound block with his gavel and called for or­der in the house.

“That is enough. Be­cause I have the gavel, I did not be­come the chair of a po­lit­i­cal fo­rum. Be­cause I have the gavel, I be­came a speaker and chair of De­wan Rakyat,” he said, draw­ing laugh­ter from the rep­re­sen­ta­tives.

Noh then ended his wind­ing-up speech, but not be­fore he jibed at Ha­nipa and Khalid again.

Ear­lier, Noh said the min­istry was mov­ing to take over the Lem­bah

Subang 1 peo­ple’s hous­ing project, say­ing that it had been poorly man­aged and left to rot un­der the Pakatan Hara­pan gov­ern­ment.

He ac­cused Datuk Mo­hamed Azmin Ali (PKR-Gom­bak) of ly­ing when he claimed that no con­sul­ta­tions had taken place be­tween the Fed­eral and Se­lan­gor govern­ments in the plan­ning of the state’s de­vel­op­ment.

Call­ing it a dan­ger­ous ac­cu­sa­tion, Noh said from 2008 un­til last year, out of the 434 ap­pli­ca­tions in Penin­su­lar Malaysia where con­sul­ta­tions were car­ried out as stip­u­lated un­der Sec­tion 20A of the Town and Coun­try Plan­ning Act 1976, Se­lan­gor recorded the high­est num­ber at 187 projects or 43 per cent.

“How is it that the Se­lan­gor menteri be­sar, who is the Gom­bak MP, can say things like that with­out facts in the De­wan Rakyat?

“How can he, as the head, lie in the De­wan? The list is there. We con­sulted the Se­lan­gor gov­ern­ment. How can he say oth­er­wise?”

Noh said Azmin was giv­ing the im­pres­sion that the Fed­eral Gov­ern­ment was marginal­is­ing Se­lan­gor.

“I wish to tell Gom­bak, do not try look­ing for cheap pub­lic­ity, as though the Fed­eral Gov­ern­ment is sidelin­ing Se­lan­gor and not con­sult­ing them. The al­le­ga­tion by Gom­bak is not right.”

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