Ali Rus­tam: I will lead charge to re­cap­ture con­stituency

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MALACCA: Tan Sri Mohd Ali Rus­tam has called for ef­forts to con­sol­i­date votes from within the Barisan Na­sional coali­tion.

The Bukit Katil Umno chief and for­mer Malacca chief min­is­ter said this was nec­es­sary be­fore BN could launch an all-out ef­fort to re­cap­ture the par­lia­men­tary con­stituency which he lost to PKR’s Sham­sul Iskan­dar Mohd Akin in the 2013 gen­eral elec­tion.

While talk has been rife of Ali’s come­back in the next gen­eral elec­tion, he stopped short of declar­ing him­self the BN can­di­date for the seat, stat­ing that the de­ci­sion would be left to the party lead­er­ship.

“But our work be­gins now, and as the divi­sion chief, I will be putting my­self for­ward in this bat­tle.

“If we are go­ing into bat­tle to take back this seat, then as the divi­sion chief, I am the gen­eral.

“If we are to fall, I will fall first,” Ali said.

Yes­ter­day, he launched the Bukit Katil Pem­bela BN ser­vice cen­tre, which pro­vides com­mu­nity ser­vices, such as legal as­sis­tance and ad­vice for busi­nesses and in­di­vid­u­als, health­care and a pub­lic com­plaints cen­tre.

This, he said, would en­gage the pub­lic and re­as­sure them of BN’s com­mit­ment to their cause.

He also broke down the mis­takes of the past and vowed that light­ning would not be al­lowed to strike twice in ad­dress­ing the need for at­ten­tion to de­tail in BN’s ap­proach to­wards the com­ing elec­tion.

“Records show that there were votes thrown the other way.

“These are the facts that we can­not deny and we must work from now on to counter them.

“On top of the votes that we got in the last elec­tions, we now need to fo­cus on gain­ing another 2,800 votes,” he said.

In 2013, Ali re­ceived 40,720 votes and lost to Sham­sul, who re­ceived 46,167 votes to win, by a ma­jor­ity of 5,447 votes.

“First, we must en­sure that all BN com­po­nent par­ties se­cure their mem­bers’ votes.

“If we have the Umno, MCA, MIC, Ger­akan and MyPPP mem­ber­ship, then we have 39,100 votes.

“Then, we have to se­cure those who are not party mem­bers, but sup­port BN,” he said.

“With the work done, be­gin­ning now, in en­gag­ing with the pub­lic, solv­ing their is­sues and re­as­sur­ing them, I am sure we can achieve the tar­geted votes and win back Bukit Katil.”

At the launch, the ser­vice cen­tre also dis­trib­uted es­sen­tials to the needy, such as cook­ing oil, shoes, milk and canned food, while vol­un­tary ser­vice providers, such as doc­tors, legal ad­vis­ers and work­ers, be­gan their du­ties at the cen­tre yes­ter­day.


Bukit Katil Umno chief Tan Sri Mohd Ali Rus­tam pre­sent­ing a wheel­chair in Malacca yes­ter­day.

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