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WHEN you see plenty of sneak peeks of Le­baran col­lec­tions on so­cial me­dia, it’s al­most that time of the year! I’m grin­ning like a Cheshire cat as I type this be­cause I’m a lit­tle too ex­cited about Hari Raya.

To me, noth­ing beats Hari Raya. But as I grow older, I ap­pre­ci­ate Ra­madan so much more. I find so­lace in it and I have been try­ing to make the best of it.

There’s so much beauty and good­ness in the month of Ra­madan. Hari Raya, on the other hand, feels al­most like a re­ward af­ter mak­ing it through a month of fast­ing as we cel­e­brate, dressed in colour­ful out­fits, stuff­ing our­selves with mouth­wa­ter­ing ren­dang and ke­tu­pat as well as meet­ing fam­ily and friends whom we rarely see.

But be­fore all that fun and fes­tiv­i­ties, we have one month of bliss­ful Ra­madan for spir­i­tual cleans­ing.

We were all guilty of skip­ping fast­ing when we were chil­dren — it’s part of our child­hood mem­o­ries, isn’t it?

Stomachache was a com­mon lie. Some sneak­ily licked wa­ter droplets while show­er­ing.

De­spite our mis­chievous be­hav­iour dur­ing Ra­madan, our par­ents al­ways taught us to fo­cus on pleas­ing the Cre­ator.

Our daily rou­tine in­cludes break­ing fast and per­form­ing tarawih to­gether — Ra­madan brings our fam­ily closer.

Years ago, I got the golden chance to ex­pe­ri­ence Ra­madan and Syawal away from home. I spent three years in Queens­land, Aus­tralia. Of­ten, when it was Ra­madan, I had to sit for an ex­am­i­na­tion.

Noth­ing beats Ra­madan at home, but the peo­ple around me dur­ing my years in Queens­land made it feel like home. With­out the sup­port of our fam­i­lies, we had to de­pend on one an­other to make the best of Ra­madan.

The best part was the gath­er­ing for break­ing of fast. From pre­par­ing food for the predawn meal and buy­ing food at the Malaysian bazaar for the break­ing of fast to per­form­ing tarawih to­gether, these are the mem­o­ries that I truly cher­ish.

I look forward to Ra­madan as a month of detox­i­fi­ca­tion for the mind, body and soul.

Ra­madan is a cru­cial month from the busi­ness point of view, es­pe­cially when you are in the fash­ion in­dus­try in Malaysia. IM­POR­TANT BUSI­NESS MONTH Ra­madan is a cru­cial month from the busi­ness point of view, es­pe­cially in the fash­ion in­dus­try in Malaysia. In the early years of Mimpikita, Ra­madan was man­age­able as it wasn’t that hec­tic.

Four months be­fore and dur­ing Ra­madan are the busiest months now. With the rise of other brands, the com­pe­ti­tion grows even stronger. As we in­crease our pro­duc­tion for this month, work at the of­fice be­comes fast-paced.

We are ex­pect­ing a lot of cus­tomers at the bou­tique. Fit­ting ses­sions will be non­stop in be­tween the sell­ing and mar­ket­ing of our col­lec­tion. Just like any other year, I hope the team and I can man­age through this hec­tic pe­riod this year.


I miss the Ra­madan of my younger days, not hav­ing to worry about work, just fo­cus on show­ing my rev­er­ence for Al­lah but it proves to be a chal­lenge year af­ter year.

Hence, in the midst of the Le­baran chaos, I tend to de­vi­ate from my ini­tial per­sonal and spir­i­tual goals for the holy month. So this year, I’ve made a few Ra­madan res­o­lu­tions with hopes of achiev­ing them, if not all, at least some.

I look forward to Ra­madan as a month of detox­i­fi­ca­tion for the mind, body and soul. I look forward to in­vest­ing 30 days in gain­ing close­ness to Al­lah with hopes that it re­mains firm even af­ter the month passes.

I look forward to fo­cus­ing on Is­lam and re­ally try­ing to leave bad habits for good. I look forward to Ra­madan as it is al­most like I’m charg­ing my bat­ter­ies when it comes to my faith.

I strug­gle, we strug­gle, who doesn’t? But come Ra­madan, it is the ideal time to rekin­dle our spirit and faith, to re­mind us what to be­lieve in, what re­ally mat­ters and our ef­forts to be the best ver­sion of our­selves.

Ra­madan is the time to un­wind and fo­cus on spir­i­tual cleans­ing. It would be un­for­tu­nate if we let the month pass with­out mak­ing full use of it. Last but not least, I also look forward to de­liv­er­ing my twins in Ra­madan.

I pray we get to cel­e­brate more Ra­madan in the fu­ture. I wish all my Mus­lim fam­ily and friends a blessed Ra­madan.

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