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THE other day, I was help­ing a friend get ready for her first date. Af­ter a few out­fit changes, she looked at me and asked: “Okay, how should I do my makeup?”

“Go for a nat­u­ral look,” I told her. A com­bi­na­tion of nude and pink lips, a swipe of dusty pink eye­shadow, a thin layer of eye­liner, some blusher and mas­cara will do the trick.

“You would still want to look like your­self and not like you’re try­ing too hard,” I as­sured her.

As my friend was al­ready pretty even with­out makeup (lucky her), not much work was needed to en­hance her beauty.

MEM­ORY LANE Help­ing her get ready brought me back to the day when I prepped for my first date with my boyfriend (now hus­band — I tied the knot re­cently so I’m just find­ing an ex­cuse to use the word “hus­band” ev­ery op­por­tu­nity I get).

I re­mem­ber feel­ing con­fi­dent and sat­is­fied with my makeup for that date be­cause I didn’t try to look like some­one else. Back then, I thought I needed to slap on lay­ers of makeup to make me look de­cent.

So for my first date with my hus­band, I was de­ter­mined to take it down a notch.

I blended in some light foun­da­tion, added peach-coloured blush, rose pink lip­stick and a thin layer of eye­liner. I didn’t even put on eye­shadow. I guess he liked it enough to even­tu­ally marry me.

If I were to share my makeup mal­func­tion sto­ries on past dates I’ve been on, you’d be mor­ti­fied so I’ll save that for my di­ary.

But I’d like to share some tips when it comes to prep­ping your face for a first date. Do note that these are based on per­sonal ex­pe­ri­ences.

CON­SIDER THE OC­CA­SION First, be sure to know where your date is tak­ing you. Will it be out­doors or in­doors and are there any ac­tiv­i­ties in­volved? Will it be dur­ing the day or at night?

The most im­por­tant thing is to look “ef­fort­lessly beau­ti­ful”, and to do that, you will have to prep your face ac­cord­ing to the time and place.

Don’t put ex­tra lay­ers of foun­da­tion and com­pact pow­der for a pic­nic on a hot day!


Per­son­ally I don’t think girls should opt for red lip­stick on a first date. Sure, it’s classy and it brings out con­fi­dence but it can come off as though you’re try­ing too hard.

Per­haps you can save the red shade for an­other date or a spe­cial oc­ca­sion. First im­pres­sions are re­ally im­por­tant. Go for a shade that’s a lit­tle more sub­tle and that com­ple­ments your skin tone in a soft and fem­i­nine way.

Check out Tarte’s range of Tar­ti­est Creamy Matte Lip Paint or Kat Von D’s range of Ev­er­last­ing Liq­uid Lip­stick. A cheaper op­tion is SilkyGirl’s Matte Junkie Lip Cream which works just as good.

Wear­ing matte lip­stick would be best to avoid un­wanted stains on your teeth. Trust me, I learnt this the hard way.


You know how guys al­ways say they like girls who don’t wear makeup? Pfft, we all

Kat Von D Beauty Ev­er­last­ing Liq­uid Lip­stick. Ur­ban De­cay Beached Bronzer works like a charm.

A soft shade like this one from Tar­ti­est Creamy Matte Lip Paint range will com­ple­ment skin tones.

It’s nor­mal to feel ner­vous and jit­tery on a first date. Be sure to know what kind of look you want. Try not to opt for a red lip­stick on a first date.

know that’s a lie.

What they ac­tu­ally mean is that they like the “no makeup, makeup look”. One way to achieve this is to not wear a blush that’s too ob­vi­ous. Go for a peachy, earthy blush that will give you a nice, sun-kissed glow. Put a few dabs on the ap­ple of your cheeks and voila!

Check out Laura Mercier’s Cheek Colour Pow­der. I per­son­ally like Ur­ban De­cay’s

Beached Bronzer be­cause it gives me that sub­tle glow I want. The pig­men­ta­tion is good and the colour stays on the skin for a long time. It works well for both day and night.


This can be tricky. You’d want your eyes to ap­pear alive and not tired but you don’t want to overdo it. Save the smoky eye look for a later date (at night) and go for nice, earthy shades.


It’s nat­u­ral to be su­per ner­vous and jit­tery on a first date. The best way to tone that down is to feel sat­is­fied and con­fi­dent in how you look.

Take charge of how you want your makeup to ap­pear on that spe­cial day. I could give you ad­vice and your friends could too but in the end, you have to be com­fort­able in your own skin.

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