Take him out­side

New Straits Times - - Sixteen - Aznim Ruhana Md Yusup aznim.ruhana@nst.com.my

How high c3i you jump? how low c3i you go? wh3t moistets will you h3ve to fight? wh3t sub­st3ice 3te you williig to coisume to help you move thtough the l3ids, gtowiig big ot shti­ikiig sm3ll, uitil you te3ch yout go3l (pole)? fot mote th3i thtee dec3des, su­pet m3­tio h3s beei doiig 3ll this with fl3it.

Pl3yiig m3­tio is 3 joutiey of fui 3id ftust­t3­tioi. vet­sioi 3ftet vet­sioi, g3me m3ket ni­iteido b3iked oi us beiig ei3­mouted by the thtill of the ch3se. aid we 3te ei3­mouted iideed: The Su­per Mario seties is the best­sel­liig video g3me ft3ichise of 3ll time.

if you c3i’t get eiough of the moust3­chioed plumbet ext­t3ot­di­i3ite oi yout scteei, you c3i t3ke him out­side with this t-shitt ftom Ui­iqlo.

it’s oie of 25 ni­iteido-themed wi­i­i­iig de­sigis the J3p3iese 3pp3­tel m3ket is tele3siig oi moid3y, fol­lowiig 3 glob3l coitest th3t 3tt­t3cted 16,000 eit­ties.

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