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Lunges work mus­cles in the lower body, such as the thighs, ham­string and but­tocks. But they can be a bit of a strain on the knees, so start with smaller steps and don’t bend your knees be­yond 90 de­grees.

To be­gin, keep your up­per body straight and re­laxed. Then step for­ward, lower your torso and get the back knee to the ground. The front knee should be aligned with the an­kle and not pushed out too far. Once in po­si­tion, im­me­di­ately get back up and move the back leg for­ward. Re­peat 15 times. HIGH KNEES

The high knees ex­er­cise com­bines static run­ning with ex­ag­ger­ated knee lifts. As you run in place, raise one knee up to waist-height and to­ward your chest, and then place it down be­fore rais­ing the other. Use your hands to guide your legs as you move. Re­peat 10 times.


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