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FOR a choco­late lover like me, the first bite is cru­cial. It has to give you goose bumps and thor­oughly spoil you with the play­ful­ness of flavours and tex­tures that sim­ply melt in your mouth. Mokaya choco­laty desserts at Mokaya Cafe do that to me and I fell in love at first bite.

My mum and I had been eye­ing this cafe at Aeon Mall in Shah Alam for the long­est time but could not try it be­cause we were al­ways in a hurry. Fi­nally, here we are with some leisure time to try out their of­fer­ings.

We or­der the Mango Milk­shake with melted white choco­late, milk and mango ice cream. Sur­pris­ingly, this rich creamy con­coc­tion is not that sweet, mak­ing you want to sip it all the way till the end!

Hold­ing the cool, tall glass in my hand makes me feel like I am va­ca­tion­ing on a trop­i­cal is­land. It also has chunks of white choco­late, giv­ing you that tin­gling feel­ing as you take a bite. The mango ice-cream is de­li­cious too. Tin­gling mint choco­late bar.

We also or­der the Bratty Brownie. This is a must try! It is choco­late brownie topped with peanut but­ter spread and roasted marsh­mal­lows, and served with two scoops of ice-cream. It looks as good as it tastes.

The first bite of this sin­ful dessert is ab­so­lutely heav­enly. The warmth of the cake and the roasted marsh­mal­lows makes it a top notch dessert. The peanut but­ter gives the brownie a nutty taste so this dessert is not just all about choco­late. The ice-cream and melted choco­late is sim­ply sen­sa­tional. You’d want this dessert all to your­self. And the best part is, the choco­late is lo­cally made. I’m im­pressed!


Mokaya choco­lates are pro­duced by Cameron High­land-based Shal­i­mar Tea­house. The choco­lates are made from fine co­coa beans to give that dis­tinct de­li­cious taste.

Mokaya is named after an an­cient pre-Olmec cul­ture based in the So­conusco re­gion of Mex­ico — one of the first seden­tary set­tle­ments in Me­soamer­ica in the cen­turies be­fore 1,200 BCE. Ar­chae­ol­o­gists have found residues from co­coa bev­er­ages in­side ce­ramic drink­ing ves­sels that sug­gested the peo­ple of the Mokaya cul­ture were al­ready in­dulging in choco­late drinks back then. Mokaya choco­lates en­deav­our to meet the purest form of choco­lates as en­joyed back in the days.

At Mokaya Cafe, choco­late bars are also dis­played on the shelves. Bring some

Bratty brownie.

back home to nib­ble on later. Mokaya choco­late bars from the Pre­mium choco­late range are the En­er­giz­ing Cof­fee, Ex­otic Hazel­nut, Roasted Al­mond, Tin­gling Mint, Lus­cious Peach, Tangy Or­ange, Tasty Straw­berry and Yummy Mango. Each costs RM8.50 per bar of 100g. The 40g bars are priced at RM3.90 per piece.

The Lux­ury choco­late range con­sists of 40 per cent Ghana co­coa and 60 per cent Mada­gas­car co­coa and is priced at RM14.90 each. The Mokaya sin­gle ori­gin lux­u­ri­ous choco­late is made from Mada­gas­car co­coa. It is rich, in­tense, ex­otic and deca­dent. It will change your mind about what you thought choco­late should be.

Mokaya Cafe also of­fers a wide se­lec­tion of value buster meals, from pan­cake with tea, grilled choco­late sand­wich with tea, fet­tuc­cine in creamy sauce and penne bolog­nese to lasagne.

Mango milk­shake (white choco­late and mango shake).

S.13, Sec­ond Floor, Aeon Mall Shah Alam,

1, Jalan Aku­atik 13/64, Seksyen 13, Shah Alam, Se­lan­gor. 03-5569 2100

mokay­a­choco­lates. com.my

10am-10pm (Mon­daySun­day)

Choco­late, choco­laty desserts and west­ern food

Milk­shake (white choco­late and mango shake) and Bratty Brownie

From RM19



Must try

Choco­late bars are dis­played on

the shelves.

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