Con­quer­ing the ba­sics 1

Fuel Ath­let­ics coach Matin Fayzal lays down the ba­sics of CrossFit, where the aim is to fin­ish the set and get bet­ter ev­ery time, writes Aznim Ruhana Md Yusup

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Stand with your feet apart and your hands straight in front of you. Your hands need to stay up as you go down to bal­ance your body so that it doesn’t tilt for­ward.

The squat hinges on your knees, and your knees need to track your toes. So lower your body, and you will likely need to spread your legs wider so the knees don’t go in­wards, al­though you shouldn’t spread too much ei­ther. The knees should al­ways line up to your toes as you go up and down.

Then dip low enough that your but­tocks go be­low the knee be­fore you rise up. “What we’re do­ing is tech­ni­cally called the Asian squat. If your but­tocks is at knee level, it’s called a par­al­lel squat,” says

Fayzal. Re­peat 10 times.

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