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Sit-ups are a core move­ment, and a strong core is a strong body. Sit on a soft sur­face, such as an ex­er­cise mat or a car­pet, spread your knees and join the soles of your feet to­gether. Then push your body down­wards be­fore get­ting up again.

“Sit-ups are dif­fi­cult to do if you don’t ha e some­one or some­thing hold­ing your feet down,” says Fayzal. “So keep your feet to­gether. That way you won’t move for­ward and you will ex­e­cute the move cor­rectly.” Re­peat 10 times, and do all three ex­er­cises for 10 rounds.

Have a timer with you, Fayzal ad­vises. It will help you keep track of your fit­ness level and pro­vide a bench­mark as you progress.

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