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Zoe Z Sun­shine: Bravo! You go, Datuk. The ones who are com­ment­ing here are just sour over the fact that they can only af­ford LV bags from Guangzhou.

Su­raya Ab­dul­lah: Never un­der­es­ti­mate our lo­cal Malaysian busi­ness­men/women! Best of luck, Datuk! Why so many neg­a­tive com­ments and hate? You can see the dif­fer­ence here. Pos­i­tive/suc­cess­ful peo­ple al­ways “dream big”, eval­u­at­ing, im­prov­ing them­selves. On the other hand,most un­suc­cess­ful, small minded, un­happy peo­ple (haters) will spend most of their life busy judg­ing and look­ing down on oth­ers...Just say­ing.

Mohd Syah­fizal: I won­der how many of you who had gone ‘eww, yucks’ and ‘yikes’ ac­tu­ally had to face the chal­lenges this woman un­der­went be­fore be­com­ing who she is to­day. She lost two chil­dren in a fire and had more than one mar­riage go down the drain. Yet, she came back stronger than ever. How many of you can fol­low her in spon­sor­ing a state soc­cer team, own a fleet of sports cars, and live in a mil­lion-ring­git man­sion? If you still have to buy your LV bag via 44 in­stal­ments, then take a good look at your­self first be­fore crit­i­cis­ing oth­ers.

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