Lure of Mers­ing beaches

The dis­trict in Jo­hor is home to some of the coun­try’s best beaches, writes

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The sandy beach of Pan­tai Pasir La­nun.

A view of Ke­long Acheh.

WMers­ing. HEN I told a friend that I would be spend­ing five days in Mers­ing, his first re­ac­tion was: “What’s there?” But five days are not enough to ex­plore SERENE BEACHES

Jo­hor is the only state in the coun­try that has the best of the east and west coast ar­eas — the South China Sea and Malacca Straits. Mers­ing, a dis­trict on Jo­hor’s west, has some of the coun­try’s best beaches.

With the many serene beaches along the Mers­ing coast­line, it is im­pos­si­ble to choose just one.

Other than the fa­mous Air Pa­pan, Pan­tai Rekreasi near Tan­jung Re­sang is one of the bet­ter choices for a pic­nic. With fine white sands and nat­u­ral shade un­der the casuarina trees just 50 me­tres from the water, Pan­tai Rekreasi is worth stop­ping at.

Pasir La­nun fits best those with a love for story and ad­ven­ture. It is home to many le­gends and myths. It is be­lieved that pi­rates used to keep gold in one of the two caves.


Pu­lau Tinggi Ma­rine Park con­sists of Pu­lau Tinggi and 13 other is­lands sur­round­ing it.

For those who don’t fancy snorkelling and div­ing, hire a boat and go is­land-hop­ping. There are more than 60 is­lands in the Seribuat Ar­chi­pel­ago, off the east coast of Jo­hor, to be ex­plored but they are spread out.

If you is­land hop from Penyabong jetty, there are many is­lands to ex­plore. Some is­lands are pri­vately owned, so do check with the boat­men on the is­lands you may want to beach at.

You can also hunt for oys­ters. Many women opt out of deep-water fish­ing with their hus­bands and look for oys­ters — their ver­sion of girls’ day out.

Pu­lau Mawar is fa­mous for its rock for­ma­tion in the mid­dle of the is­land. As the is­land is also ac­ces­si­ble from land (dur­ing low tide), many go on a nature trail to see the rock. But it is dan­ger­ous to walk the trail with­out a guide.


I fol­lowed my fa­ther fish­ing when I was younger, sit­ting at a jetty, star­ring into the water for a sight of a bite but I have never tried it. But to­day, I de­cide to try it ... and call it be­gin­ner’s luck, I reel in a fish, noth­ing big but it gives me con­fi­dence.

Penyabong Jetty is well-known among tack­lers who love fish­ing. I try fish­ing from the jetty but the lit­tle fish­keep nibbling on my bait and leave my hook empty. So, I try my luck again at the nearby Batu Ayam.

The story has it that a pi­rate named Tok Jab­bar, or also known as Si Kanchung, went to Batu Ayam, an is­land con­nected to the main­land by a sand­bar, to take part in cock

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