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Fran­cis Tan: What kind of par­ents do these 10 to17 year olds have? How can they be on their own and car­ry­ing knives and drugs? Looks like we have no fam­ily dis­ci­pline. Re­mem­ber the case of chil­dren out at 3am on their bi­cy­cles? OMG.

Imran Md Rais: Wow. Young, rest­less and now dan­ger­ous. Need to trans­form them with pos­i­tiv­ity. Send them to boot­camp to re­boot their char­ac­ter.

Jacey Khoo: Kids who act out of line need to be reined in us­ing what­ever means nec­es­sary, ir­re­spec­tive of age. If the au­thor­i­ties fail to act in the name of pub­lic in­ter­est, it would be dis­as­trous as ju­ve­nile of­fend­ers will in the fu­ture be­come adult of­fend­ers.

Ganesh Vg: They are just mis­guided kids. Per­haps 100 hours of com­mu­nity ser­vice will teach them to be bet­ter in the fu­ture. Must not give up on them.

Sany Malik: Nab their par­ents as well. Throw the par­ents in the lock-up. Make it com­pul­sory for par­ents to be held equally re­spon­si­ble if chil­dren un­der 18 are caught for what­ever rea­son. No com­pro­mise, no pity. If not, this will never end.

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