Only The Best Miki­moto takes its time to cre­ate stun­ning jewellery pieces us­ing pearls.

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It takes more ef­fort to cre­ate a pearl neck­lace than just string­ing a bunch of pearls to­gether. Even the sim­plest de­sign takes hours of prepa­ra­tion and years of ex­pe­ri­ence. As each pearl is unique, work­ing with them also calls for im­mense skill and judge­ment. The work be­gins with a rig­or­ous se­lec­tion process that sorts the pearls, with the ob­jec­tive to gather all of the most per­fectly rounded spec­i­mens with the high­est qual­ity nacre.

The se­lected ones are then cleaned us­ing spe­cialised tech­niques and sent for a sec­ond round of sort­ing by an ex­pert sorter.

Each and ev­ery pearl is in­di­vid­u­ally ex­am­ined against north­ern morn­ing light, which is said to be the day’s most even il­lu­mi­na­tion. Nat­u­ral light is crit­i­cal in re­veal­ing the pearl’s ‘per­son­al­ity’ and no two pearls are ever alike.

The pearls are sorted and re­sorted by ex­pe­ri­enced spe­cial­ists, who as­sess their size, shape, colour and lus­tre; these spe­cial­ists han­dle each pearl hun­dreds of times. This is to ensure per­fect sym­me­try in de­sign, es­pe­cially for grad­u­ated pearl neck­laces.

Then the pearls are matched ac­cord­ing to their char­ac­ter­is­tics and per­son­al­i­ties, in­clud­ing the sub­tlest nu­ances of tone and sheen in their ‘skin’, the out­er­most layer of nacre, in or­der to cre­ate a strand of per­fect flow­ing har­mony

Once sorted, the pearls are drilled with ut­most care and pre­ci­sion be­fore be­ing ex­pertly hand- knot­ted by Miki­moto ar­ti­sans us­ing the finest silk thread.

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