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As its name­sake sug­gests, one can find a good se­lec­tion of food and drinks that will ap­peal to both the beauty and the beast within.

En­trées of cala­mari frit­ters and cold capellini with sweet shrimp are pop­u­lar dishes to start the meal. The frit­ters ar­rive on a bed of healthy greens jux­ta­pos­ing the crunchy, well-fried squid. Com­ing in at just the right por­tion, the capellini pro­vides a good filler be­fore the mains.

The seafood risotto has proper tex­ture and con­tains gen­er­ous amounts of ocean crea­tures. For the roasted truf­fle chicken, the am­ple dish comes with a side of corn mixed with truf­fles, which ups the points in terms of its pre­sen­ta­tion. But it is the char­grilled short ribs that takes the cake. It is grilled to per­fec­tion, with the right amount of smok­i­ness and golden ra­tio of crunchy to chewy tex­tures.

Some din­ers may find the lack of choco­late op­tions for dessert dis­ap­point­ing, but do try the tiramisu or the ly­chee and yo­ghurt es­puma with its in­trigu­ing mix of sweet and sour flavours com­ple­ment­ing a scoop of ge­lato.

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