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hard up to not have much money

The man is al­ways hard up for money and he of­ten wants to bor­row some.

have an itchy/itch­ing palm to ask for tips or money The ho­tel clerk has an itchy palm and he is al­ways ask­ing for money.

have money to burn to have very much money, to have more money than is needed

My aunt has money to burn and she is al­ways trav­el­ling some­where.

have one’s hand in the till to be steal­ing money from a com­pany or an or­gan­i­sa­tion

The clerk had her hand in the till so we de­cided to fire her.

have sticky fin­gers to be a thief

The new em­ployee has sticky fin­gers and many things in the store have dis­ap­peared.

have the Mi­das touch to have the abil­ity to make money eas­ily (King Mi­das turned ev­ery­thing that he touched into gold)

My un­cle has the Mi­das touch and ev­ery busi­ness that he starts makes a lot of money.

(not) have two cents to rub to­gether to not have much money

My friend does not have two cents to rub to­gether and he is al­ways broke.

He who pays the piper calls the tune the per­son who pays for some­thing has con­trol over how the money is used

He who pays the piper calls the tune and the owner of the sports team can de­cide who will play on the team.

head over heels in debt to be deeply in debt

My cousin is head over heels in debt and has no money at all.

heads or tails the face of a coin or the other side of the coin

The ref­eree threw the coin to see if it would be heads or tails.

high­way rob­bery the charg­ing of a high price for some­thing

The amount of money that the com­pany is charg­ing for its ser­vices is high­way rob­bery.

hit pay dirt to make a valu­able dis­cov­ery, to find the dirt in which much gold is found

We hit pay dirt when we got the rights to dis­trib­ute the new prod­uct.

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