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ONCE upon a time in a land far far away lived the four of the most beau­ti­ful princesses in all of fairy­tale land. They were all try­ing to im­press the hand­some prince

Prince Chris­tos was com­ing to fairy tale land in one day to marry the smartest, most beau­ti­ful princess in the whole King­dom. The first princess’s name was Aleena. Princess Aleena had the most beau­ti­ful long blond hair and had mag­i­cal shoes.

The sec­ond princess was Jen­nine. Princess Jen­nine was a beau­ti­ful brown haired princess from Egypt and rode to fairy tale land on her beau­ti­ful pink pony. The third princess’s name was Marineli. Princess Marineli was a beau­ti­ful red haired mer­maid princess from the sea with a magic wand.

And the forth was princess Holly. Princess Holly was the most beau­ti­ful princess of all with long blond hair and was ex­tremely in­tel­li­gent with no magic

When the prince ar­rived he told the four princesses that they were all too beau­ti­ful to choose just one princess so he told them they will com­pete in a con­test

and the win­ner of that con­test would be­come his new bride and will live hap­pily ever af­ter with him in the Crys­tal Palace. The con­test was a con­test of who could get across lake Imag­ine the fastest.

Princess Aleena was the first princess to swim as quickly as pos­si­ble across the lake. She de­cided that if she could tread water, she could make it all.

But she wasn’t sure if she would be the fastest even though she was wear­ing her magic shoes. But she did it and made it all the way but it took her five hours. The prince said “Good job! You made it all the way and 5 hours is pretty fast. I don’t think any­one can beat that!” Now it was time for princess Jen­nine to cross the lake as fast as pos­si­ble.

Princess Jen­nine de­cided that if she does the back stroke than she can make it all the way and maybe even make the best time. She tapped her mag­i­cal shoes to­gether three times and jumped in the water! she did the back­stroke and made across the lake in four hours. The prince said “Great job! You made it all the way and four hours is very fast. I don’t think any­one can beat that!”

Now it was time for princess Marineli to cross the lake as fast as pos­si­ble. Marineli was an ex­pert swim­mer and laughed at the other princesses while she said “I am a mer­maid. I am the best

AND fastest swim­mer in the whole world and will eas­ily beat all of you and win the prince’s heart!” Princess Marineli waved her magic wand and swam very quickly cross the lake in record time! She swam all the way across the lake in just one hour.

The prince said “Ter­rific job! You made it all the way and one hour is ex­tremely fast. I don’t think any­one can pos­si­bly beat that!” The fi­nal con­tes­tant was princess Holly. Princess Holly sis not know how to swim at all and was ex­tremely upset. She thought that if she tried to swim across

that she might drown un­der water. All the other princesses be­gan to scoff at her.

about the name call­ing and walked over to Princess Holly and said “A true Mag­i­cal princess can beat that time even if she can­not swim. Think hard about how you can cross the lake faster than any­one that was swim­ming”. Right then Princess Holly had an idea! Not just an idea but the great­est idea ever! Princess Holly walked over to princess Aleena and asked “May I bor­row your magic shoes please?” Princess Aleena was con­fused but gave them to Princess Holly.

Then Princess Holly walked up to princess Marineli and asked “May I bor­row your magic wand please?”. Princess Marineli looked con­fused as to why she wanted the magic wand but let her bor­row it any­ways. Next, Princess Holly went up to Princess Jen­nine and said “May I bor­row your beau­ti­ful pony please?”. Princess

Jen­nine looked puz­zled too but kindly replied “Yes you can bor­row her but be very care­ful.” Prince Chris­tos asked Holly, “What do you need all of these things for?”. Princess Holly said “Just Watch!” Princess Holly put on the mag­i­cal shoes, waved the magic wand at the pony and the pony turned golden yel­low. Then she walked the Pony to the edge of the lake and climbed on her back and tapped her shoes to­gether three times and said “light as a feather, as fast as a chee­tah. light as a feather, as fast as a chee­tah. light as a feather, as fast as a chee­tah.” All of a sud­den the mag­i­cal golden pony be­gan gal­lop­ing across the top of the water gain­ing more and more speed un­til it was gal­lop­ing as fast as a chee­tah!

Princess Holly made it across the lake in 20 sec­onds on top of the water! Prince Chris­tos ran over to her and said “Princess Holly, that was the most mag­i­cal thing I have ever seen. You did it! You won the con­test and you have also won my hand in mar­riage. Princess Holly will you be my bride?”

Right when Princess Holly was about to re­ply yes, her fa­ther the king of Fairy­tale land, spoke up and said “My daugh­ter Holly is a very in­tel­li­gent young princess and has a great imag­i­na­tion and will make you a very happy prince. Prince Chris­tos, you have my bless­ing.” Prince Chris­tos re­peated him­self, “Princess Holly you have won my heart. Will you be my bride?” Princess Holly replied, Yes! That would make me very very happy!”

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