The Greedy Girl

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all the witch-doc­tors of the king­dom, but none of them could do any­thing to help. So he de­creed that all the women of the king­dom would come one morn­ing to the city square, and there they would pound mil­let to­gether un­til the sky shook and the gods an­swered his prayer. If this did not work, he swore he would kill all his wives, in­clud­ing the greedy girl.

At this, the greedy girl’s friend went to find her. “Come with me,” she said. They went back down the road that they had ar­rived on, back over the river and into the jun­gle, un­til they came to the bend where the girl had eaten the dogs. “Fol­low me,” said the friend, and they went into the jun­gle, far into the jun­gle, un­til they came to a hut.

An old woman lived in the hut. When the friend ex­plained their predica­ment, she called the greedy

When she emerged from the palace into the square, the sun said “Oh - you are so beau­ti­ful! Shall I hide my face?” “Don’t be stupid”, said the girl. “If you do that, no one will see me. Stay where you are.” So the sun stayed.

The earth said “Oh - you are so beau­ti­ful. Shall I move away from be­neath your feet?” “Don’t be stupid,” said the girl. “If you do that, I shall not be able to walk down to the king. Stay where you are.” So the earth stayed.

The king saw his young wife walk­ing to­wards him, and he was as­tounded by her beauty. “Oh,” he said, “you are so beau­ti­ful. I will make you my first wife.” “Hmmm,” said the girl. “Where there are many, the one will be en­vied.” He was so as­ton­ished and de­lighted that she could talk he cried out, “You’re right!” and he sent all his other wives’ away, and he and the girl lived hap­pily ever af­ter.

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