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sagittariUs (nov 23 to dec 22): Fi­nances are al­ways in­ter­est­ing to the archer though you protest you don’t care about ma­te­rial things. To­day, you find out you have more money in your pocket than you thought. capricorn (dec 23 to Jan 20): There are curly prob­lems to be over­come and you set out to over­come them. Judg­ing by your stars, the only way you sort out th­ese prob­lems is to sit down qui­etly and talk them through. aQUariUs (Jan 21 to feb 19): Some­one needs a favour. It could be you or some­one who tends to rely on you. Nor­mally, this is not a prob­lem, but to­day, there are ob­sta­cles which stand in the way. pisces (feb 20 to march 20): you come against a prob­lem you thought was re­solved. The trick is a quiet dis­cus­sion, but Pisces is some­what in­clined to waf­fle, and if you dis­play this ten­dency to­day, you will achieve very lit­tle. aries (march 21 to april 20): There is ten­sion in some work re­la­tion­ships. This is of­ten be­cause some peo­ple seem to be re­ceiv­ing spe­cial treat­ment or ad­van­tages that you see as be­ing un­fair. State your case qui­etly. taUrUs (april 21 to may 20): There are heated dis­cus­sions about some sort of phi­los­o­phy. This is dan­ger­ous ground and you know it. be dis­creet and avoid th­ese del­i­cate sub­jects. gemini (may 21 to June 21): To­day brings insurance mat­ters to the fore. There might be a bill for the house­hold or ve­hi­cle insurance, and you pon­der over the prob­lem of pay­ing out so much. Time to let com­mon sense rule. can­cer (June 22 to July 23): Things at a dis­tance keep you oc­cu­pied. If you are not on the Web con­tact­ing dis­tant peo­ple, you get let­ters or mes­sages from peo­ple far away. all this talk of far­away places makes your feet itch. leo (July 24 to aug 23): The stars to­day re­flect on your health or some­one else’s health. usu­ally, th­ese stars bring some mi­nor in­con­ve­niences, so if you are feel­ing pretty good, you can ex­pect a work­mate to be feel­ing off-colour. Virgo (aug 24 to sept 23): To­day brings a heavy em­pha­sis on love and af­fec­tion. Th­ese stars will have some­one di­rect love your way and give you an op­por­tu­nity to di­rect some love to­ward some­one spe­cial. libra (sept 24 to oct 23): The stars you have tend to make you a lit­tle edgy. mostly, you are keen to get things over and done with so you might make snap de­ci­sions. you should know bet­ter than that, Li­brans can’t make snap de­ci­sions. scorpio (oct 24 to nov 22): you are go­ing about your usual daily chores when you stop and ask your­self why you are do­ing such and such when you know per­fectly well, it isn’t cut­ting it. Time to re­think some of your day-to-day prac­tices.

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