Bal­anc­ing one’s diet with al­ka­line food

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HU­MANS re­quire a tightly con­trolled pH level of about 7.4 in the serum to sur­vive.

Al­most all foods, af­ter be­ing di­gested, ab­sorbed and metabolised, re­lease ei­ther an acid or an al­ka­line base (bi­car­bon­ate) into the blood.

Grains, fish, meat, poul­try, shell­fish, cheese, milk and salt all pro­duce acid. Mass con­sump­tion of th­ese foods causes our bod­ies to be­come overly acidic, which strips it of min­er­als.

Over the long haul, those who do not bal­ance their diet with al­ka­line foods be­come prone to a host of health prob­lems.

Long-term health and longevity have ev­ery­thing to do with aci­dal­ka­line bal­ance.

Eat right

acid im­pact.

Learn­ing what foods are highly acidic or al­ka­line can help one bal­ance the diet bet­ter.

Juice for good health

Fresh, raw green juices from veg­eta­bles are healthy for di­ges­tion. Al­ka­line bod­ies are also much more re­sis­tant to in­fec­tion and disease.

Drinks like AO wa­ter and green smooth­ies are sim­ple, af­ford­able and avail­able to all. Self-heal­ing and most pre­ven­ta­tive medicine are made of sim­ple pro­to­cols just like this.

Choose the right wa­ter

AO wa­ter helps the body neu­tralise acid in the blood, pro­vides more en­ergy, slows the age­ing process, detox­i­fies the body and pro­vide nat­u­ral an­tiox­i­dants.

Also, the small mol­e­cule clus­ters is more hy­drat­ing than nor­mal wa­ter.

Drink­ing AO wa­ter all day long will also help pre­vent and even re­verse free rad­i­cal dam­age.

Drinks like AO wa­ter and green smooth­ies are af­ford­able and avail­able to all.

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