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dI­A­BET­ICS to­day are no longer pas­sive fig­ures in treat­ment, but in ac­tive part­ner­ships with doc­tors to achieve con­trol of their con­di­tions. The goal: To en­sure pre­scribed treat­ment and diet and to main­tain blood glu­cose lev­els within the nor­mal range.

The pa­tient’s tool: A blood glu­cose mon­i­tor­ing sys­tem com­bin­ing re­li­able, safe and less painful fea­tures in one con­ve­nient pack­age – The Medis­afe Mini Blood Glu­cose Mon­i­tor­ing Sys­tem.

Medis­afe’s most ap­peal­ing and prom­i­nent fea­ture is the unique, se­nior cit­i­zen-friendly de­sign. The me­ter is de­signed to fit com­fort­ably within the hand’s grasp dur­ing op­er­a­tion, thus preventing a sud­den loss of grip.

One other sig­nif­i­cant fea­ture of Medis­afe is the ab­sence of the cal­i­bra­tion step. In the past, in­cor- rect cal­i­bra­tion of test strips may pro­duce in­ac­cu­rate mea­sur­ing num­bers.

It also has a 3-D test tip which ef­fec­tively re­moves users’ stress over at­tach­ing and de­tach­ing test tips to/from the reader. This fea­ture over­comes the dif­fi­culty se­niors face when han­dling thin test strips.

These new 3-D test tips are in­di­vid­u­ally packed with des­ic­cant to pre­vent qual­ity degra­da­tion. More­over, the test tip ejec­tor en­ables users to safely dis­pose blood­con­tam­i­nated tips af­ter use with­out hav­ing to touch the tips.

Terumo’s spirit of car­ing for its users is re­flected in the Medis­afe Fine­touch lancets. Terumo is renowned for the tech­no­log­i­cal de­sign of these lancets, which re­quire only shal­low skin pen­e­tra­tion to ef­fi­ciently ob­tain blood sam­ples. The de­crease in pain ex­pe­ri­enced by users was re­ported in a Ger­man clin­i­cal study where subjects re­ported less pain with Fine­touch lancets.

About Medis­afe

Terumo de­vel­oped its first blood glu­cose me­ter in 1991. Since then, the evo­lu­tion of the me­ter’s fea­tures and func­tions have in­cor­po­rated its users’ voices, re­flect­ing Terumo’s un­chang­ing vi­sion: to con­trib­ute to the world’ di­a­betes di­ag­nos­tic care with an ad­vanced de­vice of “Safety, Less Pain and Easy Use”.

Medis­afe is now widely ac­cepted around the world, es­pe­cially in Asia and Europe. Terumo takes pride in users’ sat­is­fac­tion, re­flect­ing Medis­afe’s po­si­tion as the most user-friendly de­vice ever.

About Terumo

Terumo was founded in 1921 with the in­ten­tion of manufacturing the most re­li­able clin­i­cal ther­mome­ter. Since then, Terumo has con­tin­u­ously de­vel­oped highly val­ued med­i­cal de­vices and ser­vices that re­flect its cor­po­rate mis­sion, “Con­trib­ute to Society through Health­care”.

Terumo’s unique tech­no­log­i­cal in­no­va­tions that range from ther­mome­ters to catheters are sup­plied in over 150 coun­tries. As a lead­ing pi­o­neer in Ja­panese health care tech­nol­ogy, Terumo takes pride in pro­vid­ing qual­ity and top-notch de­vices for the med­i­cal in­dus­try.

The com­pany’s long his­tory in med­i­cal de­vice man­u­fac­ture laid the de­vel­op­men­tal foun­da­tions of Medis­afe, the novel blood glu­cose mea­sure­ment de­vice cater­ing to di­a­betic pa­tients.

Terumo takes pride in the re­li­a­bil­ity and con­fi­dence Medis­afe in­spires in pa­tients and med­i­cal pro­fes­sion­als.

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The Medis­afe Mini Blood Glu­cose Mon­i­tor­ing Sys­tem com­bines re­li­able, safe and less-painful fea­tures into one con­ve­nient pack­age.

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