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YOU’VE done your re­search and have dis­cov­ered what health sup­ple­ments you need.

Af­ter tak­ing them for a while, you wonder why the sup­ple­ments aren’t giv­ing any vi­brant en­ergy or mak­ing you feel bet­ter.

Here are some tips on get­ting the best from your sup­ple­ments: 1. Take it at the right tim­ing Some of us buy sup­ple­ments off the shelf and con­sume when­ever we re­mem­ber to. For nu­tri­ents to be well ab­sorbed, it is best to fol­low the in­struc­tions on the prod­uct la­bel. This is be­cause some nu­tri­ents are eas­ily ab­sorbed af­ter meals or un­der cer­tain con­di­tion.

2. Not all nu­tri­ents are equally made

Nu­tri­ents may have dif­fer­ent or iden­ti­cal names. The way it was de­rived to its process can be dif­fer­ent al­to­gether. These can af­fect the qual­ity and the ac­tive com­po­nents of a sup­ple­ment in­gre­di­ent.

With a pas­sion for life and good health, Derma Health (Aus­tralia) started the health sup­ple­ment brand – Opce­den. Opce­den is se­ri­ous on how and where it sources its in­gre­di­ents, how it was man­u­fac­tured and brought into the mar­ket. Its em­pha­sis is on nu­tri­ent sources and it uses high-qual­ity branded in­gre­di­ents to de­liver con­sis­tency to all prod­ucts.

Some of the fea­tured in­gre­di­ents are Cog­nizin, a patented brand of Citi­co­l­ine (from Ja­pan), Flo­raGlo, patented lutein (from the United States), Se­tria, patented L-Glu­tathione (from Ja­pan) and Carnipure, branded LCar­ni­tine (from Switzer­land)

Opce­den is a ve­gan-friendly nat­u­ral health sup­ple­ment brand. It of­fers health sup­ple­ments from the very best of na­ture to the lat­est nu­tri­tional science. It is Good Manufacturing Prac­tice (GMP) cer­ti­fied and man­u­fac­tured un­der the strin­gent con­trol of Derma Health (Aus­tralia).

The com­pany be­lieves in a healthy lifestyle through proper diet and an ex­er­cise regime.

Do not ne­glect sup­ple­ment­ing nu­tri­ents to the body. Lis­ten to your body, you know it best.

Opce­den is avail­able at Car­ing and all lead­ing phar­ma­cies.

(KKLIU 0927/2013)

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