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LOS­ING hair was a big deal to me,” said An­dre Agassi some time ago. Not un­like the re­tired su­per­star ten­nis player, los­ing hair has se­ri­ous im­pli­ca­tions on the lifestyle and be­hav­iour of many peo­ple.

While there are treat­ments and reme­dies for some with thin­ning hair, these take time. For those who want to have their nat­u­ral look back with­out en­dur­ing low self-es­teem, BioTHIK is the an­swer.

BioTHIK is an ex­clu­sive brand fea­tur­ing a botan­i­cal-based hair care range that pro­vides an ideal so­lu­tion to those with hair thin­ning prob­lems.

Its two sig­na­ture prod­ucts – Hair Build­ing Fiber and Fiber Lock­ing Mist – work to­gether to in­stantly add vol­ume to thin­ning hair, re­duc­ing the self-con­scious­ness that would af­fect daily lifestyle.

The Hair Re­build­ing Fiber is as its name stip­u­lates. These are fi­bres made from nat­u­ral ker­atin, the same el­e­ment that hu­man hair is made of. As these fi­bres are cut be­tween 0.3mm and 0.5mm thick, each fi­bre is not vis­i­ble to the naked eye.

While wigs are a fash­ion faux pas to many peo­ple, BioTHIK has al­lowed for thin­ning hair to be con­cealed in a sub­tle man­ner, thus in­creas­ing a per­son’s self-con­fi­dence.

To use, the bot­tle is sim­ply shaken lib­er­ally over the thin­ning ar­eas around the head. To en­sure that the fi­bres are set in place, all one needs to do is gen­tly pat the hair. As the BioTHIK fi­bres are charged with static elec­tric­ity, they cling and blend in with nat­u­ral hair, mak­ing it vir­tu­ally un­de­tectable.

The Fiber Lock­ing Mist is then used as a fi­nal step to se­cure the fi­bres in place. This en­tire process can be over in just 30 sec­onds.

With the Fiber Lock­ing Mist, the fi­bres will not come off re­gard­less of wind, rain, sports or sweat. It also forms a pro­tec­tive layer over the hair and scalp to pre­vent dam­age from dust and harm­ful UV rays.

“The fi­bres we use is nat­u­ral and plant-based, so users need not worry about side ef­fects,” said TBiomax Sdn Bhd Sale and Mar­ket­ing Man­ager Daniel Yao.

These fi­bres will not clog pores, a com­mon fear with hair prod­ucts.

BioTHIK is avail­able in 11 nat­u­ral colours.

“We have tested and proven that that these shades eas­ily blend into any hair colour,” Yao said.

The colours do not stain clothes, mak­ing ap­pli­ca­tion of the prod­uct easy, even af­ter dress­ing up.

Adding to the list of benefits is the fact that the prod­uct is eas­ily re­moved by sham­poo­ing.

“Hav­ing seen BioTHIK’s hair cos­me­ceu­ti­cal mar­ket grow as one of the top five most used (hair) clini­care range in the Euro­pean Union, the United States, Mid­dle East and Malaysia, our R&D sci­en­tist de­cided to cre­ate the next phase in our mis­sion to­wards hair strength­en­ing.

“Hence the launch of BioTHIK Pro, an ex­ten­sion so­lu­tion tar­geted at el­e­vat­ing BioTHIK’s hair care in­dus­try into not just pro­vid­ing styles but the de­liv­ery of proper pro­fes­sional hair and scalp treat­ment as well,” said Yao.

BioTHIK Pro unique hair care con­cept, FGT (Fol­liGrowth Tech­nol­ogy), en­sures your hair fol­li­cles get the best care.

Liv­ing by its three-stage pro­to­col and tes­ta­ment, BioTHIK and BioTHIK Pro aim to help Malaysians achieve health­ier and thicker hair while pro­mot­ing self-con­fi­dence among those suf­fer­ing from hair loss.

Plus, the new hi-tech BioTHIK The Fiber Lock­ing Mist is used as a fi­nal step to se­cure the fi­bres in place. The Hair Re­build­ing Fiber has al­lowed thin­ning hair to be con­cealed in a sub­tle man­ner. Pro ma­chine can help to de­ter­mine your scalp con­di­tion while rec­om­mend­ing the suit­able course of hair treat­ment to em­bark on. These ma­chines can only be found at se­lected part­ner pro­fes­sional hair sa­lons na­tion­wide.

BioTHIK’s range of prod­ucts in­clude scalp cleans­ing foams, hair tex­ture pro­tec­tor and in­ten­sive fol­li­cle re­ac­tive serums.

The en­tire range is ex­clu­sively for­mu­lated in the United States and prom­ises the high­est qual­ity to users.

Low self-con­fi­dence due to thin­ning hair will no longer be an is­sue with BioTHIK’s in­no­va­tive and quick con­cealer and ef­fec­tive treat­ment­based prod­ucts.

For de­tails about BioTHIK and BioTHIK Pro, contact T. Vanitha Mani at 012-317 2600 or e-mail Vanitha.The­varat­nam@ae­me­dia. com. Log on to

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