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SIl­veR has al­ways played sec­ond fid­dle to gold over the cen­turies. The lus­trous yel­low metal has al­ways been val­ued more than a grey bur­nish el­e­ment.

How­ever, in this age of an­tibi­otic-re­sis­tant su­per­bugs, sil­ver may fi­nally get its day in the sun. Apart from mak­ing fancy jew­ellery and cut­lery, hu­mans through­out his­tory have fig­ured out that sil­ver has good preser­va­tive and heal­ing abil­i­ties. It has been used by: > An­cient egyp­tians in med­i­cal treat­ments to cure and pre­vent var­i­ous dis­eases.

> An­cient Greeks and Ro­mans to keep liq­uids like milk from spoil­ing.

> Me­dieval euro­peans and Amer­i­can civil war sol­diers to treat bat­tle wounds.

> Physi­cians in the early 1900s as an orally taken an­tibi­otic.

Dur­ing the Mid­dle Ages, wealthy euro­pean fam­i­lies gave their chil­dren sil­ver spoons to suck on to ward off in­fec­tions, hence giv­ing rise to the id­iom “born with a sil­ver spoon”.

Though they did not know it then, sil­ver is a pow­er­ful anti-mi­cro­bial agent. It works by weak­en­ing the cell walls of bac­te­ria and viruses, and dis­rupt­ing its en­ergy pro­duc­tion at a cel­lu­lar level. This al­lows it to kill more than 650 types of mi­crobes with­out side ef­fects or mu­ta­tions.

In old euro­pean mythol­ogy to mod­ern­day Hollywood hor­ror flicks, vam­pires and were­wolves are killed by weapons con­tain­ing sil­ver be­cause sil­ver (sup­pos­edly) acts against the virus caus­ing vam­pirism and ly­can­thropy. There may be some truth to this af­ter all.

It is this unique prop­erty of sil­ver that con­vinced TruCare to con­duct ex­ten­sive re­search and in­vest sig­nif­i­cant re­sources into the pro­duc­tion of the most ef­fec­tive for­mu­la­tion of col­loidal sil­ver in the mar­ket.

This pro­pri­etary for­mu­la­tion is called AG+ RapidHeal Fac­tor, and TruCare has in­cor- po­rated it into a line of pre­mium per­sonal care prod­ucts, in­clud­ing tooth­pastes, soaps, creams.

Re­cently, TruCare sent out free sam­ples of

TruCare Nano Sil­ver Tooth­paste may be the all-in-one oral health care so­lu­tion.

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