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Al­though a leg­endary war­rior in Mid­dle-earth, thran­duil is not a very nice elf. For one, he didn’t help the Dwarves when their home Ere­bor burnt to the ground when the dragon Smaug wanted the lo­ca­tion for it­self.

lee Pace, who plays this re­gal king and fa­ther to le­go­las, has a the­ory on why his char­ac­ter re­fused to of­fer a help­ing hand to the Dwarves. he said: “When thran­duil saw the halls of gold in Ere­bor, that was the turn­ing point for him. he saw all that gold these Dwarves had amassed and thought, ‘You Dwarves are go­ing to burn. this greed is not go­ing to go un­pun­ished.’ And when the Dragon came, the Elves had the power to make a dif­fer­ence and chose not to.”

In the se­cond movie, he be­comes a hin­drance to the jour­ney un­der­taken by the Dwarves to re­claim their home from the dragon.

Pace said that the key to un­der­stand­ing thran­duil is to re­mem­ber that Elves are not hu­man.

“he’s dan­ger­ous, not be­cause he’s evil. he’s ex­quis­ite, but hard and cold at heart, like a di­a­mond. he is also sen­si­tive, but I don’t mean emo­tion­ally sen­si­tive. I be­lieve that not a leaf moves in that for­est that he doesn’t feel. And he’s look­ing at these Dwarves, think­ing, ‘You don’t wake up a Dragon un­less you know you can kill it. And you can’t kill it.’ ”

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