Tips to get your child to tidy up his room

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ToyS strewn ev­ery­where, clothes hung up on the floor... when your child’s room is a mess, it’s tempt­ing to whip through and tidy it all up in a swift half hour but tak­ing a lit­tle longer and get­ting your small one to help also in­stils tidi­ness and re­spon­si­bil­ity – never mind house­hold skills that will come in handy in later years.

When tack­ling an un­tidy bed­room, make it fun and sim­ple with th­ese tips:

Play mu­sic

House­work is dull so try to make it a bit more fun by play­ing your favourite mu­sic. Ide­ally, look for a tune with a bit of a beat to it so that you’re both in­spired to be en­er­getic.

At­tack sys­tem­at­i­cally

Pick a small area and il­lus­trate how to clean it by first pick­ing up and dis­pos­ing of rub­bish, then keep­ing things in their proper place and fi­nally clean­ing or dust­ing.

once a rhythm is es­tab­lished, share out re­spon­si­bil­i­ties for sepa- rate ar­eas: the floor, a closet or book­shelf or del­e­gate a par­tic­u­lar task like bin­ning rub­bish.

take a break

Teach your child that big tasks are man­aged bet­ter by break­ing them down: set a limit to what you ac­com­plish in one go.

When you’ve reached that goal, sit down for five min­utes and take a break.

Cel­e­brate achieve­ment

When you’re done, praise each other for a job well done, and revel in how nice it is to have a clean room. Invit­ing a third party to praise en­forces the joys of a job well done and can fos­ter mo­ti­va­tion for the next tidy ses­sion.

To turn an un­tidy room into a neat one, make it fun and sim­ple.

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