Resistance is not fu­tile

Ot­terbox’s ar­mor cas­ing pro­vides drop, dust, crush and wa­ter resistance, all in one chunky pack­age.

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There are some cases that will guard our phones against nor­mal bumps and drops, and then there are cases that re­ally pro­tect them against ev­ery­thing, in­clud­ing wa­ter.

Mak­ing a case that’s good enough to al­low for com­plete im­mer­sion of your pre­cious smart­phone is al­ways a tricky af­fair be­cause the seals have to be de­signed to keep out wa­ter for a cer­tain amount of time.

As you can imagine, there aren’t many man­u­fac­tur­ers out there which will at­tempt to make a wa­ter­proof case — there are only a hand­ful that I can think of, with the LifeProof brand be­ing one of the best we’ve tested so far.

Man­u­fac­turer Ot­terbox has bought over LifeProof, bring­ing the com­pany’s ex­cel­lent wa­ter­proof case into Ot­terbox’s al­ready ex­ten­sive list of ruggedised cas­ings.

how­ever, Ot­terbox it­self has a line of wa­ter­proof cas­ings for var­i­ous de­vices and its called the Ar­mor se­ries.

The Ar­mor for the iPhone 5 is made to han­dle not just dunk­ing in wa­ter but also quite a fair amount of drop and crush resistance. Ot­terbox claims that the Ar­mor can with­stand a 10ft drop and up to a whop­ping two tons of weight on the cas­ing.

While I cer­tainly won’t risk my iPhone by run­ning a car over the case but I don’t doubt that it will at least be able to take ev­ery day bumps and drops.

What I’m not too con­fi­dent about is the wa­ter resistance — while the cas­ing is a two­piece af­fair with two very solid metal locks on one side, the two pieces never seemed to come to­gether as tightly as I would have liked. Nev­er­the­less, while I didn’t try to im­merse into wa­ter for an ex­tended pe­riod, it cer­tainly could with­stand rain and a quick dunk in the sink.

In use

If you like your cas­ings large and chunky, then this is the cas­ing for you.

Con­versely, if you like to keep your iPhone as thin and small as pos­si­ble, then you’re bet­ter off go­ing for the LifeProof, which of­fers wa­ter resistance but per­haps not as much crush resistance.

For me, the de­sign takes a bit of get­ting used to, but for those of us with chronic but­terfin­gers syn­drome, then the Ar­mor will do the job — ev­ery­thing is well padded and feels solid while the ports are all prop­erly cov­ered with a rub­ber door.

Like most wa­ter-re­sis­tant cas­ings, the Ar­mor comes with a built in work-through screen pro­tec­tor.

In­evitably, with a work-through cas­ing like this, the tiny bit of space be­tween the screen pro­tec­tor and the iPhone’s screen means that you have to press a lit­tle harder on the screen to prop­erly reg­is­ter a tap.


As I said be­fore, the Ot­terbox Ar­mor is for those peo­ple who put their phone through a lot of abuse — with this kind of pro­tec­tion, you can rest easy even if you drop your phone into a pond.

heck, I think it could be used as a weapon to throw at a rob­ber if he’s mak­ing off with your girl­friend’s hand­bag.

Nev­er­the­less, I per­son­ally wouldn’t take it, say, for swim­ming or snorkelling, as the Ar­mor is only guar­an­teed to be wa­ter­proof for up to 30 min­utes and only as deep as 6.6ft.

Good all­round pro­tec­tion.

Built-in screen pro­tec­tor makes screen a lit­tle less sen­si­tive; chunky de­sign is not for ev­ery­body.



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