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aQUariUS (Jan 21 to feb 19): leO (July 24 to aug 23): There will be changes with work. Some­times em­ploy­ers feel Fri­day is a good time to tell peo­ple of ma­jor and mi­nor changes which are due to hap­pen af­ter the weekend. This gives you time to stew over the changes. VirgO (aug 24 to Sept 23): The first quar­ter of the Moon in your an­gle of the mind is good for things like study or train­ing cour­ses. That’s not to say that th­ese stars in­sure you will do well in any test, but with­out them, you won’t do at all well. libra (Sept 24 to Oct 23): you will con­tem­plate your fu­ture and what you will do way down the line. Some Li­brans will even con­tem­plate their life­style when they re­tire. it’s nice to have dreams, but it’s Fri­day and there is work to be done. SCOrPiO (Oct 24 to Nov 22): To­day is one of those days when you re­ally need to work as part of a team or in a part­ner­ship. it’s not a mat­ter of not be­ing able to do the things, but you will do them so much bet­ter as a part of a work­ing team. SagiTTariUS (Nov 23 to dec 22): The first quar­ter of the Moon falls in your an­gle of work, health and the wel­fare of small an­i­mals. With the Moon in this part of your horo­scope, you will have to share your time and con­cern among all th­ese things. CaPriCOrN (dec 23 to Jan 20): The Moon in your an­gle of love and ro­mance brings ro­man­tic thoughts. Sadly, th­ese are noth­ing more than ro­man­tic thoughts, but some Capri­corns will be lucky enough to trans­late thought into ac­tion.

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