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I’m a col­lege dropout. my par­ents were pes­ter­ing me to find a job. I have since suc­cess­fully at­tended an in­ter­view and found my­self a cus­tomer ser­vice job.

my job scope is to find cus­tomers for gold in­vest­ment and it’s com­mis­sion-based. Some of my col­leagues have been pro­moted to man­agers just be­cause they have po­ten­tial clients. How­ever, my team man­ager is not that ac­tive and he doesn’t come to work fre­quently.

I feel left out. I re­ally don’t know what to do. Should I quit the job? I’m suf­fer­ing from de­pres­sion be­cause of this.


It is not un­com­mon for those lower down the ranks to end up pay­ing for the in­com­pe­tence of se­nior man­age- ment. But, just be­cause you are lower in rank, it doesn’t mean that you are help­less and have to suf­fer the con­se­quences of your in­com­pe­tent man­ager. The key to get­ting ahead is be­ing proac­tive. Stop wait­ing for oth­ers to make a move. You have to take the bull by the horns and do some­thing about it.

The first thing you may have to con­sider do­ing is talk­ing to your man­ager. Find out why you have not yet been pro­moted. Ask him what you need to do in or­der to get pro­moted. Sit with him and work on a plan with clear de­liv­er­ables, so that you will be able to iden­tify what you have achieved when the time comes for you to ask for your pro­mo­tion.

If you feel that you need some­one else to drive and push you to­wards your goal, iden­tify oth­ers in your or­gan­i­sa­tion who can help you with this. They can be your friends in your or­gan­i­sa­tion. Or, you can iden­tify another man­ager to model your­self af­ter and drive your­self to achieve the same or more.

If talk­ing to your man­ager doesn’t help, you may have to con­sider tak­ing the mat­ter to some­one more se­nior in the or­gan­i­sa­tion. But, be­fore you do this, you must make sure the fault is with your man­ager and not with your work per­for­mance. You must do ev­ery­thing you can to make sure your work is im­pec­ca­ble and with­out re­proach.

Work on your con­fi­dence. This is not just about talk­ing to your man­agers, but also to im­prove your­self and be bet­ter at your job. Work­ing in sales, you would have to have a high level of in­ter­ac­tion with peo­ple and it would be of no help at all if your con­fi­dence is not in tip-top shape.

You got this job with the qual­i­fi­ca­tions you have. Your em­ploy­ers were well aware of your aca­demic his­tory when they hired you. So, do not let the fact that you dropped out of col­lege af­fect you. The fact that you even men­tioned it in this let­ter means that it is some­thing that both­ers you. The ques­tion now, is this both­er­ing you enough to af­fect your job per­for­mance? Your chal­lenge would be not to let it do so.

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