Clean­ing hard-to-reach parts

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IF you’re tidy­ing your home and have trou­ble reach­ing fid­dly bits, check out th­ese tips.

Ceil­ing fans pick up dust, es­pe­cially on blade edges.

If you have a lad­der, get up there with a mi­crofi­bre cloth and a bot­tle of WD-40.

The oil will clear away the dirt with­out re­mov­ing the grease that keeps your fan work­ing smoothly and qui­etly.

If you don’t have a lad­der, buy a cob­web brush (you see them ev­ery­where: they are the tall poles with bristly brushes tied to the end – like a hedge­hog on a pole) and tie a cloth over the brush.

Spray with WD-40 and brush your fan. Note: if the blades are very dirty, put a drop cloth on the floor to catch stray dirt.

To re­move gunk that builds up on win­dow cor­ners, the high up bits that are out of your reach, di­lute some white vine­gar with wa­ter (half on half is strong).

Dip your cob­web brush into the so­lu­tion and ap­ply to the cor­ner.

Leave to soak for 10 min­utes, then go back with a sec­ond ap­pli­ca­tion.

Air vents can be dread­ful, es­pe­cially if they have a re­ally fine comb struc­ture.

The eas­i­est way to clean them is to spray with WD-40 (again be­cause you don’t want to de-grease any­thing hid­den in­side that should re­main oily) and to let it stand for an hour.

Then, take a large scrub­bing brush with tough ny­lon bris­tles and gen­tly rub the sur­face.

The stiff bris­tles act like a gi­ant nail­brush, gen­tly clean­ing out dirt from all those tricky edges.

Grubby ovens can be a pain to clean be­cause the heat­ing el­e­ments tend to be sen­si­tive to heavy-duty clean­ers.

A sim­ple way to clean it thor­oughly is to give it a steam bath.

Just mix a bowl of wa­ter with white vine­gar, set in the cen­tre of the oven and put to 150˚C so that the mix boils and evap­o­rates.

The vine­gar kills the grease and is kind to el­e­ments as well as bet­ter for the en­vi­ron­ment than the se­ri­ous chem­i­cals.

A mi­crofi­bre cloth and a bot­tle of WD-40 are all you need to clear away the dirt on your ceil­ing fan.

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