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Here’S a chance to get your “al­ways wanted to know but didn’t know who to ask” beauty ques­tions tack­led. e-mail your queries to beau­tyq@thes­tar.com.my to be an­swered fort­nightly by beauty pro­fes­sion­als from beauty or skin­care houses. The queries should be beauty-spe­cific and may be on skin or hair con­cerns, cos­met­ics or prod­ucts, too.

Pub­lished let­ters will re­ceive a gift. all the best in your beauty quest! will also trig­ger your skin to ac­cel­er­ate skin cell re­newal to re­place the dam­aged skin on the sur­face layer.

Ac­cord­ing to Hong, by us­ing Der­ma­log­ica Gen­tle Cream Ex­fo­liant, it will ex­fo­li­ate deeper than other fa­cial scrubs be­cause the com­bi­na­tion of sal­i­cylic and lac­tic acids, pa­paya and pineap­ple en­zymes, is de­signed to loosen and dis­solve deeper into your skin sur­face layer. If your skin is not too sen­si­tive, you can use it up to four times a week and you should be able to see im­prove­ments to your skin sur­face af­ter one month.

Since your skin is oily, it’s cru­cial to keep your skin suf­fi­ciently hy­drated to en­sure that the se­bum/ oil pro­duc­tion is re­duced. Skin’s nat­u­ral re­ac­tion to pro­tect de­hy­drated sur­face is by pro­duc­ing more oil. Hence, it would be ad­vis­able that you ap­ply a gen­er­ous amount of Multi Ac­tive Toner, fol­lowed by the hyaluronic acid rich Skin Hy­drat­ing Booster.

Lock in the hy­dra­tion with a light mois­turiser such as Ac­tive Moist to re­duce your skin’s nat­u­ral oil pro­duc­tion.

Lastly, you may want to avoid make-up con­tain­ing min­eral oil and/or wax, as this will clog your pores fur­ther and cause even more break­outs. For daily skin-car­ing make-up, you may want to try Aver­ine’s Age Defy Make-up.

Es­thet­ics In­ter­na­tional will be giv­ing Irene a Gen­tle Cream Ex­fo­liant worth RM174. En­larged pore sizes on the face can be un­sightly as it can make the skin look less smooth and dull, ac­knowl­edges Chris­tine Cheong, train­ing man­ager, Yves Rocher.

Con­tribut­ing fac­tors are hered­ity, blocked pores, age, lack of wa­ter, smok­ing and sun dam­age. There is no so­lu­tion to shrink pore size per­ma­nently. How­ever, a proper un­der­stand­ing of why pores be­come prom­i­nent when they are di­lated, in­fected, or clogged with oil, and with the right skin­care reg­i­men, it’s pos­si­ble to re­duce the ap­pear­ance of en­larged pores.

French skin­care brand Yves Rocher rec­om­mends its Sebo Spe­cific skin­care range, specif­i­cally for oily and com­bi­na­tion skin. It ad­dresses the prob­lem of oili­ness, clogged pores, en­larged pores and blem­ishes. For­mu­lated and tested un­der der­ma­tol­o­gist su­per­vi­sion, it has a syn­ergy of botan­i­cal ac­tive in­gre­di­ents.

The sebo-reg­u­la­tion ac­tion of botan­i­cal flavonoids from scutel­laria roots re­duces ex­cess se­bum for a matt com­plex­ion and beta hy­droxyl acid ac­tion of sal­i­cylic acid elim­i­nates dead skin cells, un­clogs pores, and re­duces ap­pear­ance of en­larged pores and im­per­fec­tions.

Cleansing is the first im­por­tant step. Start with Sebo Spe­cific Gen­tle Ex­fo­li­at­ing Cleanser, which has a spe­cial soft tex­ture, com­bined with Botan­i­cal Flavonoids Com­plex and ex­fo­li­at­ing mi­cro par­ti­cles to gen­tly elim­i­nate all traces of im­pu­ri­ties and gen­tly clear the pores. Your skin gets to breathe again, vis­i­bly healthy, clean and fresh.

Al­ways cleanse your face gen­tly as over wash­ing, or vig­or­ous rub­bing and scrub­bing can dam­age the pore’s lin­ing and worsen your skin pore prob­lems.

Use Sebo Spe­cific 2-in-1 Pu­ri­fy­ing and Mat­ti­fy­ing Toner. Com­bined with the ac­tion of the Botan­i­cal Flavonoids Com­plex, this mild toner elim­i­nates resid­ual im­pu­ri­ties, pu­ri­fies and mat­i­fies skin tex­ture.

Mois­tur­is­ing with the Sebo Spe­cific Zero De­fect – Anti Im­per­fec­tion Con­cen­trate, which con­tains a pow­er­ful com­bi­na­tion of botan­i­cal ac­tive in­gre­di­ents such scutel­laria roots, sal­i­cylic acid, sand­wood es­sen­tial oil and green tea, will leave a vel­vety matt fin­ish.

En­cour­age fur­ther ex­fo­li­ate with Gestes D’In­sti­tut Botan­i­cal Matt Skin Paste, to be used as scrub on a reg­u­lar ba­sis to get rid dead skin cells, im­pu­ri­ties, un­clogged pores. It will min­imise the ap­pear­ance of open pores and help avoid pores from get­ting stretched out.

The Gestes D’In­sti­tut Pu­rity Film Mask, com­bined with the as­trin­gent prop­er­ties of green tea, help get rid of im­pu­ri­ties, leav­ing a clearer and matt com­plex­ion, and tighter pores.

Lastly, don’t pick at your blem­ishes! It can cause trauma to the pores and leave them per­ma­nently en­larged.

Yves Rocher will be giv­ing Kitty a Sebo Spe­cific Gen­tle Ex­fo­li­at­ing Cleanser, 2-in-1 Lo­tion (Pu­ri­fy­ing – Mat­i­fy­ing) Zero De­fect – An­tiIm­per­fec­tion Con­cen­trate, Gestes D’In­sti­tut Botan­i­cal Matt Skin Paste and Pu­rity Film-Mask, al­to­gether worth RM247.

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