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– That Ga­torade cock­tail will go down a lot eas­ier if you chill it in the freezer for about 45 min­utes. Check nat­u­ral­foods mar­kets for other flavoured drinks that don’t con­tain red dyes. Roll again.

– That prep stuff doesn’t go down easy. If it makes you sick, wait 30 min­utes be­fore drink­ing more and take small sips. If you can’t keep it down, tell your doc­tor. Gulp, and move for­ward two.

– Car­bon­ated drinks so­das and frozen desserts with­out dairy – ice pops pop­si­cles and Ital­ian ice – can trick your empty stom­ach into feel­ing full while you fast. Ask your doc­tor which ones you can have. “Liq­uid diet” doesn’t mean you have to stick with chicken broth, ei­ther. Try flavour­ful miso soup; just strain out the noo­dles and dried sea­weed. Move for­ward one space.

“Feelin’ the burn now.”

– Yes, your fanny will pay a price. There’s no avoid­ing it. Skip the toi­let pa­per and soothe your bum with dis­pos­able wet wipes you’ve chilled in the fridge. Ah­h­hhh. Vase­line, De­sitin and Cal­mosep­tine oint­ment, used for di­a­per rash, can soothe the st­ing, too. Dou­ble ah­h­hhh. Move for­ward two.

“Bow­els. Mov­ing.”

– Sched­ule a movie marathon (skip the pop­corn), catch up on your favourite TV show on Net­flix, snug­gle with the dog. You can play Words With Friends or online trivia games such as Spor­cle in the bath­room. (No one will know.) Move for­ward one space.

“I’m so done with this.”

– OK, OK. Your colon is clean now. Time for the pro­ce­dure. Move ahead one.

“This wasn’t so hard.”

– A colonoscopy is typ­i­cally done un­der gen­eral anaes­the­sia. Af­ter­ward, you might feel some cramp­ing or the sen­sa­tion of hav­ing gas, but it won’t last long. Move ahead one.

– You did it. And if you were smart, you took some­one with you to drive you home. Spoil your­self with a nap, but make sure a fam­ily mem­ber or loved one is with you in case com­pli­ca­tions arise. — The Kansas City Star/McClatchy-Tri­bune In­for­ma­tion Ser­vices

“Driver, the car!”

Sources: Mayo Clinic, Amer­i­can Can­cer So­ci­ety, Cleve­land Clinic, FightColorec­talCancer.org. and TheGreatBow­elMove­ment.org.

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