Do you know your Down­ton Abbey?

Ob­sessed with the hit bri­tish pe­riod drama? Prove it!

The Star Malaysia - Star2 - - TV - By BETHANY LEGGETT Down­ton Abbey airs ev­ery Thurs­day at 8pm on DIVA Uni­ver­sal (Astro Ch 702).

THE cast, with one no­table ex­cep­tion, re­turns to the lav­ishly dec­o­rated manor house as the age of jazz en­velopes the con­ser­va­tive no­bil­ity of English so­ci­ety.

And down­stairs, the ser­vants are get­ting up to their own an­tics, with some fa­mil­iar faces re­turn­ing to wreak havoc and spread gos­sip, while oth­ers forge ahead in ac­com­plish­ing their own dreams that may not in­clude re­main­ing in the field of ser­vice.

It’s not just the decade that changed since the pre­vi­ous sea­son ended.

The new sea­son opens un­der the cloud of grief that af­fects both the up­stairs and down­stairs char­ac­ters fol­low­ing the shock­ing death of Matthew Craw­ley, played by Dan Stevens, in the fi­nale of Sea­son Three.

But show cre­ator Ju­lian Fel­lowes has found a way to carry on with­out Matthew, set­ting up much of the new sea­son around po­ten­tial suit­ors for Lady Mary, forg­ing a way for the es­tate to sur­vive the death taxes and in­tro­duc­ing an equally shock­ing crime that for­ever al­ters life for sev­eral be­low stairs.

How much do you know about Down­ton Abbey?

Test your knowl­edge of all things Down­ton with the quiz be­low. – The Brunswick News/McClatchy-Tri­bune In­for­ma­tion Ser­vices

1. What coun­try es­tate is the real

life lo­ca­tion for Down­ton Abbey?

A. High­clere Cas­tle, home of the Earl and Count­ess of Carnar­von

B. Wind­sor Cas­tle, royal res­i­dence of Queen El­iz­a­beth II

C. Done­gal Cas­tle, for­mer home of the Earl of Ar­ran

2. Which of the du­ties be­low is NOT part of the foot­man’s job?

A. Serv­ing meals B. Clean­ing the sil­ver C. Driv­ing the car

3. What’s the name of Sy­bil and Bran­son’s child?

A. El­iz­a­beth B. Mary C. Sy­bil

4. Why is Lady Edith’s suitor, Michael Greg­son, an un­suit­able match?

A. He is in debt. B. He is mar­ried to a woman liv­ing in an asy­lum.

C. He is mov­ing to Amer­ica.

5. Which down­stairs cou­ple are mar­ried?

A. Thomas Bar­row and Sarah O’Brien

B. Charles Carson and Elsie Hughes

C. John Bates and Anna Smith

6. What is the first name of the Dowa­ger Count­ess of Gran­tham, played by Mag­gie Smith?

A. Martha B. Vi­o­let C. Ge­or­gia

7. What is Bates ac­cused of be­fore be­ing sent to prison?

MacLaine Shirley B. mother: Cora’s plays Ac­tress 10.

MacClare Rose Lady C. Down­ton: at liv­ing Cousin 9.

maid Lady’s A. po­si­tion: O’Brein’s and Anna 8. Mur­der A. of: ac­cused is Bates 7.

Vi­o­let B. Count­ess: Dowa­ger the of name First 6.

Smith Anna and Bates John C. cou­ple: Down­stairs 5.

asy­lum. an in liv­ing woman a to mar­ried is He B. be­cause: match good a isn’t Greg­son 4.

Sy­bil C. named: is daugh­ter Bran­son’s and Sy­bil 3.

car the Drive C. not: does foot­man A 2.

Carnar­von. of Count­ess and Earl the of home

Cas­tle, High­clere A. Abbey: Down­ton of lo­ca­tion life Real 1.


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