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THE Malaysian weather is too hu­mid and can cause dam­age to valu­able items such as wood fur­nish­ings, leather prod­ucts, video equip­ment, books, cam­eras and mu­si­cal in­stru­ments, es­pe­cially in a non air-con­di­tioned room.

With Firenzzi’s com­pact sized yet pow­er­ful de­hu­mid­i­fier that has a hu­mid­ity ab­sorp­tion cov­er­age of up to 25.1sq m (270 sq ft), all your valu­ables will be kept safe and pro­tected from de­struc­tive or­gan­isms such as fun­gus, mould or mildew. The com­pact size also pro­vides easy stor­age and con­ve­nience.

Why do you need a Firenzzi de­hu­mid­i­fier?

In trop­i­cal coun­tries like Malaysia, the hu­mid­ity level is es­pe­cially high in places such as Gent­ing High­lands, Cameron High­lands and Fraser’s Hill. Be­sides that, houses or shops near forests or bun­ga­lows with tun­nel store­rooms re­quire a de­hu­mid­i­fier. This is be­cause the air is too damp and the air mois­ture can cause musky smells, odours and even the for­ma­tion of fun­gus.

Firenzzi de-hu­mid­i­fier works by ex­tract­ing ex­cess air mois­ture from the air in­doors to pre­vent dam­age to your valu­ables.

Ben­e­fits of us­ing a de­hu­mid­i­fier

If your home is musty or has mould, the prob­lem could be your in­door hu­mid­ity lev­els are too high. You can fix these prob­lems, and add a whole lot of other ben­e­fits by us­ing a de­hu­mid­i­fier. Here’s what you need to know:

> De­hu­mid­i­fier re­duces musti­ness and mould to cre­ate a health­ier home/en­vi­ron­ment. An overly hu­mid en­vi­ron­ment will make your home smell musty, and the con­di­tion will get worse where you can see mould and mildew grow­ing on ceil­ings or walls.

If you are sen­si­tive to mould, breath­ing in these spores can cause nasal stuffi­ness, eye or skin ir­ri­ta­tion, sneez­ing or wheez­ing.

Dust mites, the most com­mon trig­ger of al­lergy and asthma symp­toms, also thrive in high hu­mid­ity. A de­hu­mid­i­fier brings down the level of mois­ture in your home, mak­ing it un­friendly to dust mites and lim­it­ing the growth of mould and mildew. If you suf­fer from asthma or al­ler­gies, a de­hu­mid­i­fier is es­sen­tial for you.

Be­sides, a de­hu­mid­i­fier also makes a pos­i­tive change for your fam­ily, es­pe­cially the el­derly by pre­vent­ing ex­cess mois­ture and hu­mid air that ag­gra­vate fa­tigue and phys­i­cal con­di­tions such as arthri­tis and rheuma­tism. It may help to pre­vent re­s­pi­ra­tory dis­or­ders.

> De­hu­mid­i­fier pro­tects be­long-

Who needs a de­hu­mid­i­fier?

Use a de­hu­mid­i­fier if you have al­ler­gies or asthma and you live in a hu­mid cli­mate or have signs of mois­ture in your home.

It may also help small and medium busi­ness or shops that need to store and keep dry food prod­ucts to pre­vent them their goods from hav­ing mould or mildew.

A 16-litre de­hu­mid­i­fier is ideal for a room size of 14-25.1sq m (150 sq ft-270 sq ft). How­ever, the rat­ing you want de­pends on how big and how damp the room is. If al­lergy symp­toms from moulds and mites plague your fam­ily, de­hu­mid­i­fiers can be well worth the cost.

Log on to for prod­uct de­tails and au­tho­rised dealer lo­ca­tions or call Asia Sum­mit Mar­ket­ing Sdn Bhd at 03-6148 9188.

With Firenzzi’s com­pact sized yet pow­er­ful de­hu­mid­i­fier, all your valu­ables will be pro­tected from fun­gus, mould and mildew.

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