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Toe­nail fun­gal in­fec­tion can some­times lead to in­fec­tions that are dif­fi­cult to treat. a tell­tale sign of a fun­gal in­fec­tion is a no­tice­able smell that per­me­ates the en­tire room.

The toe­nails take on a thick­ness, mak­ing them quite dif­fi­cult to trim. Colour of the af­fected toe­nails be­come brown­ish, yel­low or black and take on a dull look due to the dirt that had lodged un­der the nail. The nails are also crumbly and brit­tle, and the skin around and in be­tween the toes may also be af­fected. The skin will ap­pear dry and in­flamed.

The most com­mon group of fungi that cause toe­nail in­fec­tions is der­mato­phytes. The fungi are of­ten found in places such as locker rooms, shower stalls, pools, moist socks and shoes, and they tend to spread eas­ily.

a child should be en­cour­aged to wash his feet and toe­nails us­ing an anti-bac­te­rial soap ev­ery day and com­pletely dry his feet, es­pe­cially in be­tween the toes.

Sprin­kling anti-fun­gal pow­der in the child’s shoes is a good pre­ven­tive mea­sure as well. a child should be pro­tected by proper footwear when us­ing pub­lic pools, locker rooms or show­ers.

The child should not be blamed if he or she be­comes in­fected. The last thing a child needs is crit­i­cism from a par­ent. ex­cilor Treat­ment for Fun­gal nail in­fec­tion is a clin­i­cally proven rem­edy that treats fun­gal in­fec­tions on nails. it helps to re­duce and elim­i­nate the vis­i­ble signs of in­fec­tion and dis­coloura­tion and pro­mote the ap­pear­ance of healthy nails.

a study has shown that 81% pa­tients have im­prove­ment in 42 days. ex­cilor ef­fec­tively treats fun­gal in­fec­tions from the root.

ex­cilor is spe­cially for­mu­lated to ef­fec­tively pen­e­trate be­low the sur­face of nails to treat in­fec­tions at the root. it con­trols the mi­cro-en­vi­ron­ment of the nail by acid­i­fy­ing the nail bed, cre­at­ing an en­vi­ron­ment that is hos­tile for fun­gal growth.

once a new nail grows, the in­fec­tion should be elim­i­nated. ex­cilor comes in a pen-shaped ap­pli­ca­tor and is quick and easy to use. it is avail­able at all leading phar­ma­cies na­tion­wide.

For more in­for­ma­tion, call Ve­me­dia-Shine at 03-7956 8384.

Ex­cilor is spe­cially for­mu­lated to ef­fec­tively pen­e­trate be­low the sur­face of nails to treat in­fec­tions from the root.

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