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YOU can still achieve a pair of brows that help frame your face beau­ti­fully. For those who are tired of draw­ing their brows ev­ery morn­ing, here are some al­ter­na­tive tech­niques to help you get your per­fect pair of brows.


This is one of the ear­li­est tech­niques which cre­ates per­ma­nent brows, so one needs to be sure in de­cid­ing on the shape and thick­ness. Us­ing an eye­brow tat­too­ing ma­chine, pig­ment is de­posited in the der­mal, deep­est layer of your skin. It uses a pig­ment that is darker which can look harsh. Depend­ing on the pig­ment used, some brows can turn green­ish or grey­ish over time. As this is per­ma­nent and the nee­dle en­ters deep into the der­mal layer of the skin, it can be a pretty painful price to pay for van­ity.


An im­proved ver­sion that’s a step up from tat­too­ing, em­broi­dery cre­ates brows that are semi-per­ma­nent. Us­ing a pen-like tool that holds a row of tiny nee­dles, a more nat­u­ral coloured pig­ment is man­u­ally tapped into the epi­der­mis, the top layer of your skin.

The colour usu­ally lasts one to three years. The lat­est tech­nique called 3D em­broi­dery cre­ates tiny feath­ery strokes that re­sem­ble brow hair. It may sound ideal but if poorly done, it can look ar­ti­fi­cial, es­pe­cially on some­one with very lit­tle brow hair.

The level of pain de­pends on the skill of the beauty ther­a­pist, the amount of top­i­cal anaes­thetic cream used and length of time the numb­ing cream is ap­plied be­fore the em­broi­dery is car­ried out. Most women don’t re­alise this but em­broi­dery can be a pain­less pro­ce­dure.

Lace front brows

Be­fore you cringe, these were orig­i­nally cre­ated for people who have lost their brow hair due to ill­ness. It gets its name from the lace that is used to cre­ate the hair-like brow.

These brows are crafted us­ing real or syn­thetic hair, skil­fully hand-tied onto a piece of lace. Tak­ing a cue from the use of wigs, these lace front brows can be cus­tom-made with dif­fer­ent hair colours. It can then be cut and shaped as re­quired, and glued onto the brow area.

It may sound creepy hav­ing real hu­man hair on your brow, but if you’ve lost your brow hair due to an ill­ness, this may just be the trick to help you look and feel good again. It’s also cre­ated for those who have over-plucked their brows, have very sparse brows or just want to have fun.

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