The bald and the pow­er­ful

For th­ese 10 bald comic char­ac­ters, not hav­ing hair is more than a fash­ion state­ment.

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WHEN the first im­age of Jessie Eisen­berg as Lex Luthor in the up­com­ing Bat­man V Su­per­man: Dawn Of Jus­tice was re­vealed, the first ques­tion peo­ple asked was: “Why isn’t he bald?” There was pretty much the same re­ac­tion when James McAvoy was cast as Pro­fes­sor X in X- Men: First Class.

While there have been in­stances where char­ac­ters were given the bald look just to spice up the char­ac­ter’s im­age, it’s a much big­ger deal when it’s the other way round. Can you imag­ine char­ac­ters like Pro­fes­sor X or The Watcher hav­ing hair? Yeah, we can’t ei­ther.

Any­way, with the up­com­ing movie to fea­ture James McAvoy sport­ing the bald look for the first time, we de­cided to fea­ture 10 of our favourite bald- headed comic char­ac­ters.

We’re not talk­ing about char­ac­ters who lost their hair in a ret- con or re­boot ex­er­cise though ( sorry, Mag­neto) – we’re ref-fer­ing to char­ac­ters for whom be­ing bald is more than a fash­ion state­ment, but an im­age for which they are fa­mous. Th­ese are char­ac­ters who are de­fined by their bald­ness, for whom the chrome dome is part of their iconic look.

Ab­sorb­ing Man

Who he is: Carl “Crusher” Creel was just an or­di­nary cim­i­nal, un­til Loki slipped him an enchanted po­tion and he gained the power to ab­sorb the prop­er­ties of any­thing he touches. Yup, any­thing. He was once de­feated when Thor made him take on the prop­er­ties of he­lium, and drifted off into space. Then there was the time he ab­sorbed co­caine, and had to re­assem­ble him­self.

How he be­came bald: Creel has been bald since he was cre­ated in 1965 by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby as a Thor vil­lain. We’d like to think that the de­ci­sion to make Ab­sorb­ing Man bald must have been for prac­ti­cal rea­sons. Af­ter all, can you imag­ine hav­ing to fig­ure out how to draw his hair af­ter ab­sorb­ing stuff like ce­ment or mud?

Drax the De­stroyer

Who he is: He’s green, he’s dan­ger­ous, and he’s a Guardian Of the Galaxy. He is also known to use his nog­gin as a weapon in a fight quite of­ten as well.

How he be­came bald: Un­known. Pre­sum­ably be­cause he caught ev­ery­thing that went over his head?


Who he is: Only one of the most pow­er­ful and dan­ger­ous crim­i­nal overlords in the Marvel Uni­verse. King­pin is big, bald, and car­ries a big stick. You don’t want to mess with him ( though Dare­devil seems to do it quite a lot).

How he be­came bald: He was al­ready bald he made his de­but in The Amaz­ing Spi­der-Man # 50, by Stan Lee and John Romita Sr. The lat­ter based his ap­pear­ance on ac­tor Syd­ney Green­street ( The Mal­tese Fal­con), who wasn’t ex­actly bald, but had a re­ced­ing hair­line.

Mas­ter Roshi

Who he is: He wears a tur­tle shell on his back, and is not ex­actly the most pow­er­ful char­ac­ter on this list ( and he can be pretty per­verted too), but he gets top marks for be­ing Goku’s first ever mas­ter, and the one who taught him the Kame­hameha!

How he be­came bald: rob­a­bly from old age, since e is al­ready bald when we meet him in the Dragonball manga.

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