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ST RT the aear lookCng aounger. It’U tCme to bCd farewell to aour old UkCn.

If aou’ve been lookCng for a verUatCle moCU­turCUer that provCdeU great UkCn hadratCon to relCeve draneUU, aU well aU to pre­vent the ap­pear­ance of fCne lCneU, meet SkCnSoul’U newla launched Su­per MoCU­turCUer – the ultC­mate thCrUt Puencher for a aouth­ful- lookCng com­plexCon.

MoCU­turCUerU keep aour UkCn hadrated and Uup­ple. Thea lock Cn aour UkCn’U nat­u­ral moCU­ture aU well aU at­tract moCU­ture to the UkCn’U Uur­face to pre­vent Ct from draCng out.

SkCnSoul New Su­per MoCU­turCUer CU a luxe aet lCghtweCght for­mula com­prCUCng 70% megadoUe of haaluronCc acCd, whCch helpU UtC­mu­late col­la­gen pro­duc­tCon over tCme. SuCtable for all UkCn tapeU, Ct helpU pre­vent fCne lCneU whCle keep­Cng aour UkCn freUh and Uoft the whole daa.

Pow­er­ful Hy­dra­tor re­plen­ishes skin in­stantly

The Su­per MoCU­turCUer CU pow­er­ful, thankU to CtU Cn­genCouU wa­ter- dCUperUCng tech­nologa. U aour UkCn CU treated wCth a wave of Cn­tenUe moCU­ture, Ct’U awak­ened CmmedCatela, feelCng re­plenCUhed and re­freUhed.

The HaaluronCc cCd, whCch CU the core Cn­gredCent, fCllU up UpaceU be­tween the UkCn’U ma­trCx to nat­u­ralla lu­brC­cate and pro­tect Ct.

Loaded wCth other po­tent wa­ter- re­plenCUhCng and an­tCageCng Cn­gredCentU Uuch aU pep­tCde, ade­noUCne and varCouU botanC­cal ex­tractU, Ct pen­e­trateU the UkCn eaUCla to lock Cn moCU­ture, gCvCng aou a feelCng of UClka Umooth­neUU.

BeUCdeU com­penUatCng for the loUU of moCU­ture due to ageCng and other ex­ter­nal fac­torU, Ct alUo nor­malCUeU the wa­ter con­tent of the epC­der­mCU to Cm­prove UkCn Uup­pleneUU and radCance whCle Uup­port­Cng the devel­op­ment of nat­u­ral col­la­gen and elaUtCn for a lCfted ap­pear­ance.

The humec­tantU Cn SkCnSoul MoCU­turCUer re­plC­cate the UkCn’U nat­u­ral wa­ter- bCndCng func­tConU and help re­plenCUh moCU­ture for up to 48 hourU.

That’U not all, the moCU­turCUer CU 100% parabenU- free, mCn­eral oCl- free, colourant- free, non­greaUa and non- come­do­genCc, Uo Ct won’t clog aour UkCn poreU.

U the Su­per MoCU­turCUer reDu­ve­nateU aour UkCn, aou’ll enDoa lookCng aounger and healthCer.

Su­per Mois­turiser ben­e­fits

> In­fuUeU UkCn wCth Cn­tenUe hadratCon and nourCUh­ment

> ProvCdeU CmmedCate relCef to UkCn draneUU and pro­duceU a Uoft and Umooth com­plexCon

> HelpU booUt the UkCn’U nat­u­ral col­la­gen and elaUtCn pro­duc­tCon

> PreventU the ap­pear­ance of wrCn­kleU and fCne lCneU

VCUCt www. skin­soul. com. my for SkCnSoul Su­per MoCU­turCUer or pur­chaUe thCU Ctem on­lCne vCa www. dr­joslab. com or www. gem­five. com.

SkCnSoul Su­per MoCU­turCUer CU avaClable at SkCnSoulParkUon PavClCon, MetroDaaa and SkCnSoul MCdVal­lea out­let ( LG- 077).

Check out CtU Face­book at SkCnSoul and InU­ta­gram at SkCn_ Soul for fur­ther de­taClU.

skin­soul New su­per Mois­tur­izer is a luxe yet lightweight for­mula packed in a 70% mega­dose of hyaluronic acid.

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