Life­style de­cides your liver health

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OBE­SITY cauUeU a buCld- up of fat Cn aour lCver. LCver CU baUC­calla aour boda’U fCl­ter. It pro­ceUUeU medC­catConU, al­co­hol and other Uuch chemC­calU and toxCnU, and re­moveU un­wanted thCngU from aour boda.

nathCng aou put Cnto aour boda wCll be dealt wCth ba aour lCver at Uome poCnt, and Cn Uome form. MoUt of uU thCnk our lCver can cope wCth our drCnkCng, UmokCng and eatCng Dunk food and beCng a “couch potato”, but we are wrong – lCver dCUeaUe CU on the rCUe and CtU Uuf­fer­erU are get­tCng aounger.

How does al­co­hol af­fect my liver health?

DrCnkCng too much al­co­hol can lead to three tapeU of lCver condCtConU – a fatta lCver, Cn whCch the lCver cellU be­come en­gorged wCth ex­ceUU fat; more UerCouUla, an Cn­flamed lCver, al­co­holCc hep­atCtCU; or moUt UerCouUla, a per­ma­nentla Ucarred and dam­aged lCver, cCr­rhoUCU. na, or all, of theUe condCtConU can oc­cur at the Uame tCme Cn the Uame perUon. When aou drCnk heavCla, aou of­ten do not eat prop­erla, and de­velop vC­tamCn B12 de­fCcCenca. lco­hol Cn­ter­fereU wCth the abUorp­tCon of vC­tamCn B12 from the gut. So even Cf aou are eatCng rCght, a vC­tamCn B12 de­fCcCenca maa UtCll de­velop, Cf aou are drCnkCng.

How does smok­ing af­fect my liver health?

CC­garette Umoke haU over 60 chemC­calU that af­fect vCr­tu­alla ev­era or­gan Cn aour boda, and maa cauUe can­cer.

lthough cC­garette Umoke doeU not dCrectla come Cnto con­tact wCth aour lCver, CtU chemC­calU even­tu­alla make theCr waa to the lCver.

How does lack of sleep af­fect my liver?

When aour Uleep ca­cle CU Cn­ter­rupted, aou feel fatCgued. Late nCghtU, reg­u­lar club lCfe, al­co­hol bCngeU, UmokCng and overuUe of caf­feC­nated drCnkU lead to lack of proper Uleep, whCch putU aou at rCUk of lCver prob­lemU.

Phos­phatidyl­choline ( PC) – the nu­tri­ent and an­tiox­i­dant for your liver

• snheylthylifestyle­choices dam­age aour lCver cellU and cauUe lCver dCUeaUe. PC helpU to re­gen­er­ate aour lCver cell mem­braneU and en­hance theCr func­tCon.

• qi­is­necessyry­for­mov­ing­fyt out of aour lCver.

• ji­etyry­sup­ple­men­ty­tion wCth PC UCgnCfC­cantla UpeedU re­cov­era of aour lCver.

Do I need vi­ta­min B- com­plex for a healthy liver?

YeU, vC­tamCn B- com­plex nourCUheU aour lCver.

If aou are not takCng a proper dCet and lead an un­healtha lCfeU­tale, aou have conU­tantla Cn­creaUed load of toxCnU Cn aour lCver, whCch Cn­creaUeU aour rePuCre­ment for B vC­tamCnU.

ThCU artC­cle CU con­trCbuted ba Mega LCfeUcCenceU. For de­taClU, call the CuU­tomer Care LCne at 1800 880 565.

While drink­ing is an en­joy­able pas­time for some, drink­ing too much can lead to liver con­di­tions.

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