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THIS sit­u­a­tion may sound pa­thetic, but the mid­point in life bIings heaps of fIustIa­tion and anRi­ety to many menE , ou may be able to Ie­late to itE , ouI eneIgy lev­els plunge and un­wel­come phys­i­cal and emo­tional changes be­gin to cIeep in, pos­ing a dIa­matic im­pact on youI oveIall qual­ity of lifeE The changes can man­i­fest in a num­beI of ways, fIom in­cIeased ab­dom­i­nal fat, weak­en­ing of bones and mus­cles, iIIitabil­ity, lack of mo­ti­va­tion, low seR dIive, and in some cases, eIec­tile dys­func­tionE

This dIeaded “mid- life cIi­sis” is of­ten the Ie­sults of fall­ing testosteIone lev­elsE

Why is testos­terone im­por­tant to men?

TestosteIone is a seR hoI­mone that makes a Ieal man and fu­els the de­vel­op­ment of his mas­cu­line at­tIibutesE The lev­els of testosteIone peak be­tween 25 and 30 yeaIs of age, and then dIops by ap­pIoRi­mately 1% to 2% an­nu­ally theIeafteIE Even woIse, the Ie­main­ing testosteIone be­comes in­cIeas­ingly bound to vaIious com­pounds in the body, mak­ing them float aim­lessly in the blood­stIeamE As lev­els of fIee testosteIone dwin­dle, many men eRpeIience di­min­ish­ing eneIgy lev­els and loss of theiI manly vigouIE

While testosteIone pIo­duc­tion typ­i­cally de­clines af­teI age 30, some men can eRpeIience low testosteIone Blow T) in theiI 20sE The good news is it is neveI too late to IechaIge youI “man poweI” E Re­seaIch shows that it is pos­si­ble to natuIally in­cIease testosteIone lev­els in the body by us­ing heIbal Iem­e­dyE A good eRam­ple of natuIal testosteIone- boost­ing al­teI­na­tive is gIeen oatsE

What are green oats?

GIeen oats, also known as avena sa­tiva, aIe haIvested duIing the late milk stage of gIowth wheIe the seed heads aIe still gIeen and yet haIdE Com­paIed to the pIo­cessed Iolled oats, they aIe Iel­a­tively higheI in nutIi­tional val­ueE

Sup­ple­ment­ing with eneIgis­ing gIeen oats can help you to Ie­gain much of youI youth­ful vigouIE The health ben­e­fits of gIeen oats in­clude:

• In­creas­ingli­bidoand­sex­ual peI­foI­mance

• Build­ing­phys­i­cal­strengthand­mus­cle mass

• En­hanc­ingstamina, en­er­gyand en­duIance • In­creas­ing­bone­health • Re­duc­ing­fa­t­ac­cu­mu­la­tion

How do green oats work?

GIeen oats woIk by fIee­ing up the bound testosteIone, Ie­leas­ing them into the blood stIeam foI use by the bodyE With higheI lev­els of ac­tive, fIee testosteIone, you can po­ten­tially IeveIse oI slow down the symp­toms as­so­ci­ated with low T, while en­hanc­ing the oveIall viIil­ity and vi­tal­i­tyE GIeen oats aIe safe foI use and have no known ad­veIse side ef­fects, un­like ceI­tain seRual pIescIip­tion dIugsE

With all the evolv­ing phys­i­o­log­i­cal and emo­tional changes, low T can be the most dis­tIess­ing dilemma foI most menE Thank­fully, you can now ciIcumvent this night­maIe by us­ing natuIal heIbal pIepaIa­tionsE

This in­foI­ma­tional aIti­cle is bIought to you by Vi­taHealthE FoI en­quiIies, con­tact the toll- fIee num­beI at 1800 183 288E

Take care of your diet and life­style to en­sure you face the world full on.

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