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JUST as time passes us by with a blink of an eye, our youth will also slip away with it.

Our skin nat­u­rally changes as we age, as our body loses an im­por­tant pro­tein called col­la­gen found in con­nec­tive tis­sues through­out our body. Col­la­gen works by keep­ing our skin firm, elas­tic and sup­ple.

Dur­ing our teenage years, our skin has am­ple amounts of col­la­gen hence, skin re­mains elas­tic, firm and youth­ful.

By 25 and above, skin be­gins to pro­duce lesser col­la­gen hence, signs of ag­ing such as wrinkles, dry dull skin and dark spots start to form.

In your 30s, wrinkles and dark eye bags ap­pear on your face, and by 40s, skin be­comes drier and deeper, hence lines and saggy skin will form. Fifties and up, age spots and wrinkles be­come no­tice­able. Skin starts to be­come thin­ner with skin sup­ple­ness dis­ap­pear­ing, lead­ing to ob­vi­ous saggy, loose skin.

Ex­po­sure to harsh ex­ter­nal fac­tors such as UV rays, pol­lu­tions and free rad­i­cals plus un­healthy life­styles such as smok­ing, stress and poor diet also makes us lose youth­ful­ness faster as th­ese fac­tors fur­ther de­stroy the col­la­gen in our body.

Cos­met­ics can help beau­tify our skin ex­ter­nally but pro­longed use will make us look even older. If we are too re­liant on it, we look ghastly when none is ap­plied.

Ex­er­cise and proper diet can help keep our skin healthy but as we con­tinue to age, col­la­gen still con­tin­ues to de­plete.

Ex­pen­sive cos­metic surg­eries and in­jec­tions can pro­vide us beauty in the short run but is ex­pen­sive in the long run.

So how then do we have a firm grip on youth­ful­ness the fast, easy, af­ford­able and con­ve­nient way?

Col­la­gen sup­ple­ments can be found in many forms in the mar­ket to­day. One of the most con­ve­nient ways is to take them in tablet form to nat­u­rally main­tain your skin’s re­silience and youth­ful­ness from deep within.

Col­la­gen, in its nat­u­ral form, has too large mol­e­cules to be ab­sorbed prop­erly by the body. Hence, pure hy­drol­ysed col­la­gen pro­tein works best as it has finer mol­e­cules that al­low for faster pen­e­tra­tion into the skin cells for op­ti­mum re­sults within a short time to fight signs of age­ing.

Col­la­gen helps to re­build the skin’s cell struc­ture, vis­i­bly re­duc­ing fine lines and wrinkles and im­prov­ing skin’s sup­ple­ness. Skin be­comes firmer, smoother, softer, younger look­ing, glow­ing and sup­pler

with re­duced sag­gi­ness and eye bags.

To­tal Im­age Col­la­gen

To­tal Im­age Col­la­gen is made of pure hy­drol­ysed col­la­gen and has been a trusted brand in the mar­ket for more than 25 years. Taken daily, it helps to pro­vide the strength and sup­port your skin needs to firm up and re­tain its youth­ful re­silience. Skin be­comes younger- look­ing, firmer, sup­pler and smoother with a health­ier glow. This prod­uct comes in pink coloured pack­ag­ing and is rec­om­mended for those aged 25 years and above.

To­tal Im­age Col­la­gen Plus

To­tal Im­age Col­la­gen Plus is made of pure hy­drol­ysed col­la­gen with the added ben­e­fits of vi­ta­min C and vi­ta­min E. It uses high­grade vi­ta­min C which helps in­crease the

To­tal Im­age Col­la­gen and To­tal Im­age Col­la­gen Plus are made in the US and cer­ti­fied halal by the Is­lamic Ser­vices Of Amer­ica in US to be safe for con­sump­tion by Mus­lims. They are also suit­able for men and women.

The range is reg­is­tered and ap­proved by Malaysia Min­istry of Health to be safe for con­sump­tion. The range is now avail­able at Guardian, Wat­sons, Car­ing and all lead­ing phar­ma­cies na­tion­wide. For more en­quiries, con­tact To­tal Im­age Re­gional Malaysia cus­tomer Hot­line at 03- 6272 1111 or e- mail en­quiry@ to­tal­im­age. com. my

This is a medicine prod­uct ad­ver­tise­ment. KKLIU No. 0062/ 2016

To­tal Im­age Col­la­gen is made of Pure hy­drolyzed Col­la­gen and has been a trusted brand in the mar­ket for over 25 years.

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