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NOT all guests in homes are vis­i­ble to the naked eye.

There is a group of un­wel­comed guests re­sid­ing at homes with­out any­one ever know­ing – germs, bac­te­ria, mi­cro- or­gan­isms and other par­ti­cles.

Karcher Wa­ter- Fil­ter Vac­uum Cleaner

For just a vac­uum cleaner, Karcher has a new, im­proved Wa­ter- Fil­ter Vac­uum Cleaner DS6000 with HEPA13 fil­ter. It is en­er­gy­ef­fi­cient and has a four- stage fil­tra­tion sys­tem that fil­ters up to 99.99% of all par­ti­cles. No fil­ter bags re­quired. As you vac­uum, the air in your home is left fresh and clean. Mat­tresses and so­fas can be cleaned ef­fec­tively with the turbo noz­zle – a great so­lu­tion for al­lergy suf­fer­ers.

Karcher Steam Vac­uum Cleaner

Karcher Steam Vac­uum Cleaner SV7 ef­fec­tively re­moves the most stub­born dirt and elim­i­nates harm­ful mi­cro or­gan­ism and par­ti­cles. With steam heated up to 145° C, this cleaner gets in be­tween fine lay­ers and sur­faces to dis­lodge stub­born dirt par­ti­cles and grime, killing harm­ful par­ti­cles and germs in close con­tact.

Com­bin­ing multi- func­tion­al­ity with the high­est com­fort, Karcher Steam Vac­uum Cleaner of­fers pow­er­ful clean­ing by vac­u­um­ing, steam clean­ing, wet pickup and dry vac­u­um­ing in just one ma­chine.

This cleaner is equipped with wa­ter- bath fil­ter to drown dust and HEPA fil­ter to keep homes free from harm­ful par­ti­cles and al­ler­gens.

The Karcher Steam Vac­uum Cleaner comes with dif­fer­ent noz­zles for dif­fer­ent clean­ing needs.

Steam clean kitchen cook­ing area and uten­sils, bath­room walls, mat­tresses, cur­tains, so­fas, win­dows and toys.

Karcher Steam Cleaner

If you al­ready have a re­li­able vac­uum cleaner at home and only re­quire a steam cleaner, you can opt for Karcher SC5 Steam cleaner.

It is a pow­er­ful steam cleaner that works per­fectly to get rid of harm­ful par­ti­cles and clean around the home.

See how Karcher’s range of clean­ing equip­ment can get rid of un­wel­come guests in your home, call AOG Mar­ket­ing for a home demon­stra­tion at 03- 7803 7757 / 016335 2628 or e- mail aogkarcher@ gmail. com.

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