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ED­MUND Leong was con­cerned for his par­ents who started ex­pe­ri­enc­ing joint prob­lems in the knees and shoul­ders.

They tried var­i­ous glu­cosamine sup­ple­ments, dif­fer­ent types of herbs and knee guards but noth­ing had long- last­ing ef­fects.

Con­trary to pop­u­lar be­lief, joint prob­lems are not caused by the car­ti­lage layer in the joints be­com­ing worn out. The root of joint prob­lem lies in a type of joint- de­grad­ing en­zyme known as ma­trix met­al­lo­pro­teinases ( MMP en­zymes).

MMP en­zymes nor­mally ex­ist in our joints in a bal­anced state. How­ever, when the body starts pro­duc­ing too much of these a avven­zymes, they start break­ing down the car­ti­lage and col­la­gen that make up the joints and cause chronic in­flam­ma­tion.

The ac­tive New Zealand Green Lipped Mus­sel ex­tract, which is patented as Bi­olane, works by in­hibit­ing the de­struc­tive MMP en­zymes.

By do­ing so, Bi­olane pre­vents joint de­struc­tion and aids in joints re­pair. With an­ti­in­flam­ma­tory, an­tiox­i­dant and marine min­eral heal­ing ac­tions, Bi­olane’s ef­fects ad­dress the var­i­ous path­ways that lead to arthri­tis pathol­ogy.

Al­though there is no cure for arthri­tis, Bi­olane makes it pos­si­ble to con­trol the con­di­tion.

Pa­tients who have used glu­cosamine but have not found op­ti­mal relief should try Bi­olane.

Just as arthri­tis does not

Ac­tive New Zealand Green Lipped Mus­sel ex­tract aids in joint re­pair and en­ables con­trol of arthri­tis.

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