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“I HAD sev­eral health prob­lems and went through three med­i­cal treat­ments. I was di­ag­nosed with colon cancer and re­fused to un­dergo chemo­ther­apy. I also un­der­went an­gio­plasty treat­ment as I had five blocked ar­ter­ies.

“Seven years later, doc­tors sus­pected I had bone tu­ber­cu­lo­sis ( TB) due to a slipped disc. I had to con­sume as many as 18 TB tablets, two painkiller pills and three an­tibi­otic pills ev­ery day,” says David Lim ( pic).

“Tak­ing this amount of med­i­ca­tion was con­tribut­ing to the in­creased level of tox­ins in my body. When tak­ing these med­i­ca­tions be­came too dif­fi­cult, I de­cided to sup­ple­ment my treat­ment with nat­u­ral raw foods.

“An­cient Chi­nese em­peror Shih- Huang- Ti said, ‘ Food is the best drug for main­tain­ing good health’. I con­sumed two ta­ble­spoons of Bar­leyGreen, two ta­ble­spoons of Beta Car­rot, one ta­ble­spoon of Beta Beet and two cap­sules of Pro­bio+ Plus three times a day,” he says.

“Af­ter the sec­ond month, I was back on my feet again with a greater pas­sion to live.”

Bar­leyGreen is pro­cessed from or­ganic young bar­ley grass and it is 20 times more con­cen­trated than or­di­nary wheat­grass.

It is rich with 16 vi­ta­mins, 17 min­er­als and more than 300 types of live en­zymes to help strengthen the body’s im­mune sys­tem.

Ac­cord­ing to re­search, 2”- OGIV con­tained in Bar­leyGreen pro­vides more po­tent pro­tec­tion than vi­ta­min E. Its P4D1 pro­motes the restora­tion of dam­aged DNA in the cell’s nu­cleus and su­per­diox­ide

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